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a sharp metal spike or spur that is fastened to the leg of a gamecock

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a spar rising aft from a mast to support the head of a quadrilateral fore-and-aft sail

an iron hook with a handle

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Caption: Rodney Isaac and Laurel Gaff feature in the show 'Ever since Helen', by Philippe Talavera, a thought provoking piece that focuses on Gender Violence and all its associated evils.
So much that the city has filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against Gaff, 58, ordering him to clean it up and comply with nuisance abatement ordinances.
"My current role has been extremely challenging" Gaff said.
Penny Gaff Publishing, LLC specializes in speculative fiction (specifically clockpunk, steampunk, and dieselpunk) ePublications.
RESTORATION: Daniel Adamson tug on the Manchester Ship Canal in 1981 SHOOTING THE BREEZE: Dutch gaff schooner De Gallant, built in 1916, taking part in the new Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta, with two ECHO competition winners
As a successful NP registration applicant, I can only reiterate what Gaff has discussed; that the portfolio is a very useful tool and that the panel is an expensive "artificial barrier to practice" Throughout the masters programme in the past five years, there have been barriers for trainee NPs that could well deter Less hardy nurses: no formal internship process; little funding to pay for any internship or mentoring for NP students; and then the looming prospect of "The Interview".
Gaff converted his own try, taking a crash ball over the line.
Dante Zanelli jnr, who runs Dominguin in the UAE Derby, and Steve Asmussen, who is targeting the Golden Shaheen with Gaff, have also called on his services on the dawn patrol.
Gaff Thoms-Williams was going on maternity leave for one year and the eight-church parish named Battle Harbour (which is actually based in Mary's Harbour) needed a spiritual leader.
Gaff set (includes a pair of tree gaffs and a pair of pole gaffs) NSN 4240-00-530-4289
and Gaff Jones bought the house from The William Terry Ray Revocable Trust and The George Morrison Henry Revocable Trust.
Former Liverpool team-mate Paul Ince has a gaff in the same resort and Alan Shearer is only a couple of doors down.
The GAFF Working Group consists of national representatives from the Council's eight member nations, representatives from Native organizations that are permanent participants in the Council, and delegates from Council observer countries and organizations.
Stacey Leigh Gaff and George Brock Killingsworth were united in marriage in an evening ceremony on May 18, 2002, at First Baptist Church in Pascagoula.
"David put out the gaff, stuck it in mid-air - and brought it back to her.