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(3) Writing in March, (4) he announced: "I have visited not only all the celebrated mineral localities, but some never before prospected; and have collected many hundred pounds of fine and rare specimens." Among his discoveries (5) were gadolinite and fergusonite from Barringer Hill, Llano County, Texas; quartz crystal groups, variscite, wavellite, perovskite and rutile from Arkansas; and sphalerite, galena, marcasite, dolomite and calcite crystals from Missouri.
A section on the "Baveno classics" deals first with the famous orthoclase crystals, and includes also very interesting chapters on fluorite, on gadolinite and on the scandium minerals (Baveno is the type locality of bazzite, cascandite, jervisite and scandiobabingtonite; also, thorveitite has been found there: thus five of the nine known scandium minerals occur at Baveno).
Since the beginning of the 20th century it has been a fruitful collecting area, yielding fine crystals of euxenite, gadolinite, allanite, aeschynite, fersmite and many other species from its rare-earth-enriched pegmatites.
The black mineral was later named gadolinite. After hearing this news Hisinger turned back to his mineral collection, which he housed in one of the two wings of his castle-like mansion in Skinnskatteberg, about 5 km east of the Riddarhyttan ore district.
(1965) The accessory minerals from Predazzo granite (North Italy), Part III (datolite, gadolinite, hellandite, ancylite, synchisite, uraninite).
These include: annabergite, aragonite, argentopentlandite (Sirka, 1988), brochantite, chlorite (group), covellite, devilline, erythrite, gadolinite, gahnite, goethite, gold-silver (electrum), illite, kaolinite, langite, malachite, montmorillonite, natrojarosite, naumannite (Frigstad, 1972), palygorskite, posnjakite, scheelite, sepiolite (van der Wel, 1972), stilpnomelane, sulfur, tetrahedrite and tremolite-actinolite.
Gadolinite [(Ce,La,Nd,Y).sub.2][Fe.sup.2+][Be.sub.2][Si.sub.2][O.sub.10]
The locality is known for samarskite and a variety of other interesting species such as fayalite, gadolinite, zinnwaldite, bastnaesite, synchisite and xenotime.
(1986) Minasgeraisite, a new member of the gadolinite group from Minas Gerais, Brazil.