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a person who delights in designing or building or using gadgets

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Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer; electronics projects for hobbyists and inventors.
Hardware hackers building their own gadgets may want to take a look at a new offering from Microsoft that promises to save time in prototyping new devices: a software development platform for home-built gadgets, called .Net Gadgeteer.
SAMSUNG TX100 - pounds 599 To the youthful gadgeteer, tablet computers may seem a new confection, borne of an unholy matrimony between smartphones and big screens.
Custer, being an avid firearms buff and something of a gadgeteer, would have certainly found merit in this handy little sixgun.
An author of a highly regarded scientific text and briefly a politician Baldwin spent much of his career with General Electric despite being warned that if he went there he would "not be a scientist [but] a gadgeteer." Although respectful of his science whether at GE the Argonne National Laboratory the Los Alamos National Laboratory or teaching at the University of Illinois or Rensselaer Polytechnic he's not above poking a bit of fun at the wizardry of a concept to develop "a bomber that could patrol continually without refuelling stops and then if nuclear war began would crash into Moscow."
That said, it's hard to see the AV310s being of regular use to anyone other than frequent flyers or the gadgeteer who has to have everything.
BEING a gadgeteer doesn't necessarily mean you have to follow in the footsteps of goody-little-two-shoes-James Bond either.
Nares, who refers to himself as a mad gadgeteer, makes his brushes himself, just as he made the riggings for Pendulum and even devised a special lens for his 2007 video Globe.
But none that we've seen can come do close to the garage belonging to "gadgeteer" Albert Mitterer of Aravada, Colorado.
This site has interesting categories to help you shop, for example, "runner," "gadgeteer," and "always cold." In their "staff picks: stuff we really want" category, I found an interesting Electronic Snap Circuits building set made by Elenco Electronics.
The sporting press no longer represent sport; it has turned bill board for the gadgeteer. Wildlife administrators are too busy producing something to shoot as to worry much about the cultural value of the shooting."
Better yet, their PowerPoint presentation is available on the conference Web site, with clickable links to the sites-good stuff, like "The Gadgeteer" (
"He's a gadgeteer who's passionate about the technical process of moviemaking, and he's able to see things in their infancy and understand how they could be applied.
Pavlik's offices are surprisingly orderly for an innovator, gadgeteer, and inventor of tomorrow's media toys.
You no longer have to be a dedicated gadgeteer or electrical engineer to use alternative energy.