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Synonyms for gadfly

a persistently annoying person

any of various large flies that annoy livestock

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Acting on a tip-off police searched Peggy Gadfly's on Victoria Road, New Brighton, on Wednesday.
"In fact, he heads the committee does he not?" The Gadfly pressed.
After a controversial intervention in the Boston police strike of 1919, Laski returned to England where, in addition to his LSE professorship, he lived a frantic life as a political and intellectual gadfly, pouring out books, pamphlets, and newspaper columns in an endless stream.
Coming in October is Adventures in Medialand, by Jeff Cohen (director of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) and Norman Solomon (media gadfly and commentator for Pacifica Radio), which attempts to get Behind the News and Beyond the Pundits, if its subtitle can be believed.
During the Reagan-Bush years, it seemed that these pessimists might be right and that the humanist movement in America might indeed be doomed to such a gadfly role.
In Division One leaders Peggy Gadfly's suffered their second defeat of the season after Villa won a deserved 4-2 victory.
Moore's tactic of sauntering into major corporations and confronting execs no doubt became more difficult after "Fahrenheit 9/11" made him the docu biz's most famous gadfly.
That was the argument made by the city of Kirkland, Washington, in March when it filed suit in King County Superior Court against anti-government gadfly William Sheehan.
Cup favourites Euro Wirral were grateful for a 4-3 victory over Peggy Gadfly's in the Challenge Cup second round while in the third round another shock came as Premier side MSC Eastham fell victim to Division One promotion candidates Neston Nomads as Foulkes (2), Ellison and Trott scored for the winners.
His stance metamorphoses him into the ultimate gadfly. Read in that spirit, and bearing in mind the metaphysical heft of your average fly, his collected buzzings offer occasional insights.
Roldo Bartimole has just completed twenty-five years as gadfly to the government-business establishment in his city.
His was not the gadfly style of reform; he was bent on ruling as surely as Richard Daley ever ruled Chicago.
Neston Nomads clawed the Peggy Gadfly's lead at the top of Division One to five points when doubles from John Lloyd and Paul Ellison paved the way for a hard-earned 5-2 win against Shore Villa and a 2-1 verdict over Eagle & Crown elevated Lord Raglan to fourth place in the table after Shaun Bagley and Jamie Lawler obliged for the victors.
When Michael Moore was suggested as a guest, one staffer quipped the gadfly filmmaker would require four conservatives.
Widely thought of as lightweights --Proxmire as a self-indulgent gadfly, Heinz as a rich kid who bought himself a Senate seat--both men played significant roles.