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a cushion on a throne for a prince in India

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According to the prosecution, complainant Aftab Gaddi had registered case against above mentioned accused in the year 2017.
The newly-ascended Gaddi Nasheen of the shrine Syed Ali Mehdi Kazmi carries the gharoli, a decorated pitcher of water traditionally brought to a groom's house on the day of the wedding.
Senatorial candidates Shariff Albani, Gerald Arcega, Marcelino Arias, Balde Baldevarona, Jesus Caceres, and Melchor Chavez Charlie Gaddi, Emily Malilin, Jose Sonny Matula, Luther Meniano and Alan Montano during ABS CBN's Harapan 2019 Sunday, March 9.
Sajjada Nasheen of the shrine takes Gaddi every year on May 4 and confines himself within the limits of shrine till May 10 when the celebrations reach their climax and conclude with Rasme-e-Chiragh.
GPS Gaddi has come up with such efficient and smart Fleet Tracking Device in India that not only helps a person to track the fleet, but also makes it possible to keep fleet maintained always.
These observations were similar to those observed in Gaddi sheep (Sharma et al., 1989), goat (Singh et al., 1992), buffalo, yak (Sharma and Gupta, 1991), camel (Grossman, 1960), horse (Hare, 1975a) and sheep (Ganga Naik et al., 2004).
It has been organised by Alpha Soul, a UAE-based company that aims to enrich the spirit of Dubai by promoting arts, classical music and motivational talks; and is curated by Italian curator and cultural consultant Sergio Gaddi.
Curator Sergio Gaddi makes a point during a media tour of the exhibition titled Picasso and Image Credit: AK Kallouche/XPRESS Artstruck.
Against Antiochus's machinations to stamp out Judaismand the Hellenists' efforts to eschew traditional Jewish laws and traditions with the modernity of the Syrian-Greek culturerose a clan of brothers of the priestly family of the Hasmoneans: Judah Maccabeus, Jonathan Apphus, Eleazar Avaran, Simon Thassi, and John Gaddi. Collectively, they came to be known as the Maccabees, and they launched a guerilla war against Antiochus's exponentially larger forces, eventually recapturing the temple in Jerusalem.
Dogs were seen eating the flesh when a Gaddi Kheri resident found the body dumped outside the village.
Above (l-r): Gary Noble, The Royal Bank of Scotland); Laura Stables, Lewis Creative Consultants; Gordon Stables, Enjoy-A-Ball; Andrew McKenzie, The University of Edinburgh; Ashleigh Kennedy, City of Edinburgh Council; and Gemma McGlynn, Gemma @ Sandy Jones Hairdressing and right (l-r): Fiona Gaddi, Gillian Markwick and Nikki Gardner, all ScottishPower, with Catherine Nalborczyk and Delyth Evans, both Granby Marketing, at the party at Summerhall, Edinburgh, to celebrate design agency Lewis' 40th anniversary.
But, as midfielder Fabian Gaddi explained of the team's nonviolent intentions, "It will be a complicated thing if we insult others, [but] the pope is Argentine and he knows and understands us."
Anthony Gaddi said at the annual meeting of the American Urogynecologic Society.
The Gaddi beyond pastoralism; making place in the Indian Himalayas.
In Division Five, Geoff Gaddi (2) and Lewis Betts were the scorers for North Shields against Ellington Juniors.