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a restless seeker after amusement or social companionship

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Produced by Freckle Productions and Rose Theatre Kingston - where it had its premiere - the cast features Elliot MacKenzie in his professional debut as Zog, Emily Benjamin as Princess Pearl, Robert Ginty as Sir Gadabout the Great and Euan Wilson as Madame Dragon, who will be bringing the world of Zog to life with the help of puppets.
It has a stellar cast, with Hugh Skinner as Zog, Sir Lenny Henry as the narrator, Tracey Ullman as Madame Dragon, Patsy Ferran as Princess Pearl and Kit Harington as Sir Gadabout the knight.
Lenny Henry narrates, Hugh Skinner is Zog, Tracey Ullman is Madame Dragon and Kit Harington is Sir Gadabout (and sadly we only get to hear his voice).
In Year Five the dragons learn to fight, at which moment a bumbling knight, Sir Gadabout Dragons the Great, arrives, claiming he is going to rescue Princess Pearl.
By way of illustration, he directed a spotlight upon one of the leading liberal intellectuals of the day, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., the fastidiously bow-tied gadabout who, as a proud White House adviser to John Kennedy, famously had been tossed fully clothed into Robert and Ethel Kennedy's swimming pool out in McLean, Virginia.
Beau Death (Soho Crime, $27.95, 416 pages, ISBN 9781616959050) derives its title from speculation that the skeleton may be the remains of noted gadabout Beau Nash, one of the most famous historical denizens of Bath, England.
His tour includes a foray aboard a 22-foot trimaran, accompanied by naturalists from Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience, who transport you to gadabout with a hoard of protected, inquisitive, playful sea lions in their own backyard--the churning sea.
He was transformed, in Wolfe's account, into Hen Walters, an elegant gadabout who spoke with "ecstatic jubilation." It was one of the ironies of the evening that Calder, in remembering it, also found the crowd somewhat trite.
Her hero, Lord Peter, is the gadabout second son of a duke, living in luxury in a Piccadilly flat with his manservant Bunter, collecting rare books, tasting wines, solving mysteries as a distraction--we gradually learn--from serious emotional damage sustained in the Great War.
What we do know is that the seller is a former Russian beauty queen and social gadabout who got herself into some hot water a couple of years ago for forging illicit painkiller prescriptions.
She was called a 'gadabout' (andariega) by some who thought that 'good nuns' were supposed to stay behind convent walls.
Gruen's protagonist convincingly evolves from a hapless, rich gadabout into a serious, capable woman." LAURA ALBRITTON