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(of a roof) constructed with a single slope on each side of the ridge supported at the end by a gable or vertical triangular portion of an end wall


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second-story overhang), and a great, triple- gabled garret in the attic.
Three round-headed windows in a gabled bay of the villa frame views over the lake, and you can step out onto a balcony with a glass balustrade to immerse yourself in nature.
So you'll find gable and shed dormers on hip roofs, hip-roofed porches on gabled homes, and shed roofs attached just about anywhere.
The new 8- by 10-foot gabled entrance hall occupies the old front stop, stepping forward between the living room gable and the breakfast room.
Apart from the west gabled wall which is fully glazed with sheets of glass butt-jointed with translucent mastic, walls are of glass panels framed with stainless steel, their transparency modified in places by cedar louvres.
The extension has been replaced by a gabled structure which, though integrated with the main building by a hall, curving staircase and landings, feels detached.