gable wall

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the vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of gable roof

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"I think we'll probably have to have a new roof and rebuild the gable wall. The place is a mess."
| The mural on the gable wall of The Boat Inn, Cromford, and (below) artist Caiomhin at work on the mural (left) and disgruntled licensee Dave Mountford with his wife Lorraine
Terminate the pipe into an aluminum or plastic wall jack as low as possible in a gable wall. Choose a hood-like wall jack; avoid a louvered plastic jack, as I have seen many with broken flaps, an invitation for mice and insects.
The gable wall gets cold in the winter and the cold gets through the cavity and transfers to the inside wall.
Application reference: FUL/2015/0260 Site address: 10 and 71 Middleborough Road Applicant: Mr James Baker Proposed development: External wall insulation totherear elevation of 71 Middleborough Road and the rear and gable wall of 10 Middleborough Road Reason: The proposed works would affect af the character or appearance of a Conservation Area.
On the first floor of one-story buildings or the top floor of a multistory building, the venting should be through a duct laid flat and terminating through a gable wall.
It's a rare surviving example of a typical form of signal box, with its gable wall facing the railway tracks, and it retains many original features.
The surviving gable wall of the tithe barn is a reminder of a period of medieval prosperity.
From his childhood days kicking a tennis ball against a gable wall in east Belfast to the height of fame and celebrity the story also details Best's addiction to alcohol and his ultimate decline.
The roof was a simple pitch sloping from front to back, giving a large gable wall at the end of the terrace.
It is understood a Volkswagen Golf with two occupants was in collision with a Ford Mondeo before both vehicles slid down a steep embankment and into the gable wall of a house.
It destroyed fences and took out a large chunk of the gable wall and front door.
Or find myself thinking about my little fella when I see the reindeer stuck onto the gable wall of a house.
After tests the Professor dismissed the idea of a magic lantern hoax but favored a bizarre theory that the images could have been painted on the gable wall by a skillful artist using one of the many "phosphorescent substances" then available!