gable roof

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a double sloping roof with a ridge and gables at each end

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Two were joined at the top by a gable roof and a loft that sometimes contained bins for shelled corn or other small grain.
Kanda and Maruta [2] investigated the characteristics of long low-rise building with gable roof for the case of large aspect ratio.
A rectangular unit with gable roof is used as reference for comparative evaluation of BIPV/T potential of roof shapes and energy performance.
A shed roof is really half of a gable roof with the upper and lower sides supported by bearing walls.
Trusses support wide gable roof to open up the interior
As shown in the photograph above, the addition's gable roof breaks into two parts that follow the pitch of the original roof and echo details like the trim and extended beams.
Leong carried the lines of the bridge's gable roof out over the old house and to a living room addition in front.
A pagoda-like redwood cap tops the fence; a cedar-shingled gable roof defines the double gate.