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the vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of gable roof

United States film actor (1901-1960)

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Crew Commander Lee Richardson, from Smethwick Fire Station, said: "We do not know what the cause is but there's been a partial collapse of the gable end. It's probably the age of the building but nothing he's done.
The overhangs on the gable ends were cut off, rigid insulation added to the top (Photo 6) and then the overhangs rebuilt as box beams (Photo 7).
To the naive, they might conjure up images of gable ends painted in pretty colours by schoolchildren celebrating diversity.
The house was of brick construction with cavity walls up to the gutter level; above gutter level the gable ends were 9in thick without a cavity.
They don''t build homes like this any more, with casement windows, large decorous gable ends and fine chimney pots, so the fact that many need restoration is a technicality.
Fit the roof support beam across the top of the shed, slotting it into the pre-cut grooves at the top of the gable ends. Check that the shed is sitting firmly on its base and that the door opens easily.
The wide corner boards and horizontal water table trim at the bottom of the wall give the shed a classic look that matches the lap siding and shingled gable ends. If you choose to use wide corner boards like ours, you'll have to add an extra 2x4 at every corner and on both sides of every window and door to provide nailing for the ends of the siding.
Several sections of the building are thought to have collapsed and the gable ends of the structure are thought to be unsafe.
The pictures were put up on two large gable ends and on lamppost banners.
It's been blowing up a storm this week with trees uprooted and gable ends of houses being damaged by violent weather.
Then fix it down along the gable ends and eave with felt nails at 100mm intervals.
Other areas where decorative detailing presents options are doors, where systems incorporate elements such as columns and pilasters, and gable ends, where round, oval, or octagonal louvers add distinction to a wall.
HE advises builders to simply manipulate the gable ends and details.
Gable ends of houses in Alwyn Road, Bilton; Livingstone Avenue, Long Lawford and at a garage at the Green Man, Dunchurch, were literally sucked out.
Still, men in balaclavas threatening everyone from gable ends beats the real thing any day.