gable end

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the vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of gable roof

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| A Vauxhall Astra left the A543 in Bylchau near Denbigh and ploughed through a road sign and hedges before hitting a house's gable end wall
Baker Street in Middlesbrough, and the Conan Doyle-themed artwork on one gable end
The two cars covered in bricks after the gable end collapsed PICTURE: WEST MIDLANDS FIRE SERVICE |
The gable end wall is so cold because I'm right opposite the beach.
Lift the gable end without the door into place, and use a prop to hold it upright.
Then we finished the outside with composite trim and fiber cement lap siding and gable end shingles.
- Michelle Farrelly, by email 2ZENA SAYS: Is it a curved or triangular apex or a gable end? Shutters can be made to fit unusually-shaped windows and are therefore a good option.
He also told her the gable end of the bungalow required re-pointing.
Work can now start on removing the shops and Concourse House tower that mask the station's listed Victorian gable end, so that an impressive new area of public space can be developed.
Traditional ornamentation is also reduced to basics, with curved ridgelines straightened and gable end ornament simplified to a simple lattice framework inspired by traditional grain racks.
They feature a crash lock base and gable end top with a locking tab.
Lift the gable end without the door in place and use a prop to hold it upright.
Doric columns replicating those in their living room, curved braces in each gable end, and a reproduction of an antique brass streetlight used as a chandelier give the space a refined look.