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"Whose Line Is It Anyway?" host Aisha Tyler revealed on the daytime gabfest "The Talk" that she and attorney Jeff Tietjens are headed for divorce court after 20-plus years of marriage.
* Our popular Sunday morning media gabfest dissecting the presidential election - which at that point will be six weeks out - with S.E.
Andy Bowers, executive producer and creator of Slate's podcasts, points to a recent episode of "DoubleX Gabfest," a show about women's issues, which featured a long discussion of menstruation.
The show announced Monday that O'Donnell will be a guest on the daytime gabfest on Feb.
Focusing on green research and development might not feel as good as participating in a global gabfest with flashlights and good intentions, but it is a much brighter idea.
Caetani--talk-- a gabfest of serpents in whose conspiracies the world
The current US President gave no indication of second thoughts about the appearance despite criticism that the he was blowing off international diplomacy in order to take part in the often-fluffy daytime gabfest.
He discusses an informal women's group as a "gabfest" for "the girls." I wasn't in on it, but I doubt they were hair-braiding, pillow-fight filled gossip sessions.
On languid summer nights, we've grinned at the cheers of the crowd and the voices of thousands of neighbors singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." We've often walked to the stadium to join friends for a game and a gabfest.
* The Slate Political Gabfest ( is a popular weekly panel podcast that offers one model for a lively multivocal conversation.
We shared impressions, reactions and guesses about succession in a 10-minute gabfest that was emblematic of hundreds of others going on that afternoon in Denver.
It's the world's largest gabfest. If you're younger than 25, you may never have heard of it.
But there was a nagging sense this year that a new business model might be needed for Globalization Inc.It surely didn't help that as the rich and powerful were making their way to the annual gabfest, stock markets around the world were in a free fall.