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Synonyms for gaberdine

a loose coverall (coat or frock) reaching down to the ankles

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It is easy, then, in fancy, to people these silent canals with plumed gallants and fair ladies--with Shylocks in gaberdine and sandals, venturing loans upon the rich argosies of Venetian commerce--with Othellos and Desdemonas, with Iagos and Roderigos--with noble fleets and victorious legions returning from the wars.
He was an unshaven little man in a threadbare coat like a gaberdine, with his feet in slippers, and I thought him a harmless fool.
As he toiled on before, with his palm upon the stair-rail, and his long black skirt, a very gaberdine, overhanging each successive step, he might have been the leader in some pilgrimage of devotional ascent to a prophet's tomb.
Ours, for instance, ours: The thinkers scout it, and the poets abound Who scorn to touch it with a finger-tip: A pewter age, --mixed metal, silver-washed An age of patches for old gaberdines, An age of mere transition, meaning nought Except that what succeeds must shame it quite If God please.