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a loose coverall (coat or frock) reaching down to the ankles

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A stooped man in a Jewish gaberdine stood at his elbow with a note.
He was incongruously dressed in a gaberdine raincoat, check trousers and flip-flop sandals.
He had on a khaki-coloured gaberdine she hadn't seen before; she fancied, for a brief moment, that he was a Forties' film star of the sort her mother drooled over: jaw set, collar up, hands thrust deep in his pockets.
His brownish coat - tweed or gaberdine - is worn knee-length.
The desire of revenge is almost inseparable from the sense of wrong; and we can hardly help sympathizing with the proud spirit, hid beneath his "Jewish gaberdine," stung to madness by repeated undeserved provocations, and labouring to throw off the load of obloquy and oppression heaped upon him and all his tribe by one desperate act of "lawful" revenge.
He was a richly dressed Levantine alien, wearing a multicolored gaberdine of black, red, blue-green, and brown tones over a long grey tunic, and a coffee-colored and red tricone after the fashion of the Italianate Jews.
The cap and gaberdine mac on one boy speak of another age
He could be found roaming the city with his beloved dog on his head in a seriously battered gaberdine overcoat.
You call me misbeliever, cutthroat dog, You spet upon my Jewish gaberdine, And all for use of that which is mine own.
The single-breasted suit, in finely checked grey gaberdine with chunky gold buttons, was created by royal dressmaker Peter Enrione.
Thus in the lavish spread on the New Germany in the pages of Treue, a "drooling schnauzer" and "black leather trousers" evocations of the vanquished Reich--obediently fall into place with "the ubiquitous gaberdine suit" and "partially opened French windows" (126), signs of an easygoing cosmopolitanism that the Reich wanted to wipe from the earth, a cosmopolitanism that nevertheless strikes those who share in it as a sign of "an ongoing German drama" (125).
117) seems dead wrong, since Caliban protests vigorously at whatever he has to endure under the gaberdine, an action which presages his possible educability.
Gaberdine (Jack Clayton/John Ware 5lb claim) gains his eighth course win in the mile and a half handicap at Windsor.