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Synonyms for gabardine

a firm durable fabric with a twill weave

(usually in the plural) trousers made of flannel or gabardine or tweed or white cloth

a loose coverall (coat or frock) reaching down to the ankles

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The exhibit, which starts with a whimsical, travel-theme display in the mall's atrium, shows several mannequins in trench coats and carrying rucksacks from the current 'tropical gabardine' collection.
It tells how Thomas Burberry began his clothing venture and the invention of innovative waterproof fabric gabardine.
And the John Murphytrained FIRST CLASS TICKET, fourth to My Fantasea at Dundalk last time, might have the edge over Michael Halford's filly GABARDINE in the Perennial Freight rated Race.
He was like lightning - lightning of the gabardine trouser-wearing variety.
L'EATIT, qui produit quelque 3 millions de metres lineaires de gabardine, toile et satin, s'engage egalement a mettre sur pied une nouvelle ligne indigo cette annee pour la fabrication du jeans.
Well, you can be sure a song was brooding on the lips of the cool young man in a gabardine coat walking up from the waterfront in Birkenhead 57 years ago.
At Burberry, the gabardine trench was reimagined in turquoise suede, while at Jason Wu, it was crafted into midi skirts and T-shirts.
Thomas Burberry's gabardine "Tielocken" coats were standard issue for British officers during World War I (it's where the term "trench coat" comes from), but only after their popularity spread to the civilian market did Burberry decide to add a lining.
When Polish writer Adam Mickiewicz needed a bar setting for his epic 1834 poem "Pan Tadeusz," he named his tavernkeeper "Yankel" and described a watering hole that embodied its Jewish owner: "From a distance the rickety old tavern looked / like a Jew rocking in prayer / the roof like a hat, the thatch spilling down like a beard / the sooty walls like a gabardine / in front, carvings protruding like tzitzit down his body."
Almost no-one, I guarantee you, jumped to their feet come the end credits of The Great British Sewing Bee and exclaimed, "Margaret, I'm gonna stitch myself a pair of gabardine slacks!" Not even those people married to women called Margaret.
Since Thomas Burberry created the first trench coat in the 1850's, and even with some revamped versions every season - they come in different patterns, fascinating hues and countless fabrics - the trench coat has remained true to its heritage in the ever classic khaki gabardine. This classic has been the number one choice of many celebrities like Michele Obama, fashionistas like Victoria Beckham and royals like Kate Middleton.
Four tenders for the Supply of (a) raw perfumed non-woven fabrics for towels, (b) different color gabardine fabrics, (c) different size envelopes, also (d) plastic bags in rolls.
Jaime Partners' project management services have been utilized for a number of Enlightened Hospitality Group restaurants, including Searsucker San Diego, Searsucker Scottsdale, Herringbone, Gingham, Gabardine and BURLAP.
That could be anything from investigating the hydrophilic properties of compounds to help understand why athletes use wicked fabrics, to following in the footsteps of designer Thomas Burberry, who invented gabardine; a tightly woven, water-repellent fabric, designed to be as practical, but more comfortable than rubberized fabrics.
The base fabric was typically a polyester gabardine; such a durable fabric was required to support the weight of the embellishments.