fuzzy logic

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a form of mathematical logic in which truth can assume a continuum of values between 0 and 1

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The power of the fuzzy conceptualization becomes more obvious when one considers the combination rules of fuzzy logic.
One of the main algorithms of fuzzy logic is Mamdani model, which enables the estimation of specific characteristic stored within the model (Hirota & Sugeno, 1985).
All above mentioned researches used fuzzy logic to control traffic flows; we suggest a traffic control algorithm based on expert knowledge using fuzzy set.
The mechanism of a fuzzy logic system depends on in an input and output, however, there are four main components of a fuzzy system, namely, fuzzification module, inference engine, knowledge base and defuzzification.
While neural networks have the information represented in the form of specific links, called weights, fuzzy systems are based on fuzzy logic, representing the information into fuzzy sets.
William Bosl said: "Since cellular biodynamics in aging may be considered a complex control system, a fuzzy logic approach seems to be particularly suitable.
In the subsequent sub sections a brief survey of the literature on multi objective scheduling, Application of Fuzzy logic and Simulated Annealing are presented.
Fuzzy logic allows room for a computer to label something in shades, accounting for ambiguity.
As a result of the discussion, within the fuzzy logic community certain authoritative views stabilized as the correct assessment.
Understanding the fundamental flaws of A-logic highlights the coherence of fuzzy logic.
Microprocessor-based DIN controllers with autotuning and fuzzy logic.
The use of fuzzy logic is appropriate in many situations.
You can also explore on a number of other criteria which the press release seems to suggest uses fuzzy logic but which, I think, has merely to do with adjacency.
Real-time rule engines" and "adaptive control" are two of today's monikers for artificial intelligence (AI), fuzzy logic, and similar information technologies that were so widely touted in the 1980s.
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