fuzzy logic

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a form of mathematical logic in which truth can assume a continuum of values between 0 and 1

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Chen and Flintsch (2007) proposed a fuzzy logic approach to determine the appropriate maintenance, rehabilitation time, in a probabilistic model to analyze the pavement life cycle cost.
In the begining input values were defined, then the fuzzification was performed or in other words fuzzy logic was used [4].
Castillo, "A new fuzzy harmony search algorithm using fuzzy logic for dynamic parameter adaptation," Algorithms, vol.
RECOMMENEDED OUTPUT LEVEL VALUE NITROGEN LOW 0-30 AVERAGE 30-70 HIGH 70-100 PHOSPHORUS LOW 0-30 AVERAGE 30-70 HIGH 70-100 POTASSIUM LOW 0-20 AVERAGE 20-70 HIGH 70-100 SOIL FERTILITY LOW 0-40 AVERAGE 40-80 HIGH 80-100 Table 3: Predictive accuracies of fuzzy logic with J48 for soil fertility.
For a subsystem wind turbine, the pitch angle of the turbine is synchronized according to the measured wind speed values in a fuzzy logic controller.
Yuan, Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic: Theory and Applications, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, NJ, USA, 1995.
Fourth, differently from the previous study [17], the performance of away team factor is included in the fuzzy logic model.
Fuzzy logic controllers (FLCs) are smart control systems characterized by a set of linguistic statements based on specialist knowledge.
At the first stage find features from the input log by fuzzy logic feature selection which is related to attacks.
Zadeh's further development of the concept of Fuzzy Logic, in 1973, revolutionized the field further.
With that, this study will determine the bicep EMG signal behavior using its threshold level via fuzzy logic approach.
Regarding fuzziness in educational research only few references can be found like using fuzzy logic in educational measurement: The case of portfolio assessment by Fourali (1997) explained the idea of fuzzy logic in decision making through various examples.
Keywords: fuzzy logic, fuzzy ontology, classification reasoning, individual classification, fuzzy ontologies realization
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