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Synonyms for fuzziness

the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines

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keeping in view the same Viertl (2006) concluded that there are two types of uncertainties in measurements: variation among the observations and imprecision of individual observations called fuzziness.
Besides, the definition of compatible cloud integrates the randomness and fuzziness via such concise concept as "random implementation" and "membership degree.
Holder coefficient characteristics of communication signals have a certain fuzziness and randomness due to the changing noise environment.
The second level of fuzziness concerns the certainty of assignment of specific instances that may characterize a business situation; for example, one triggering event may imprecisely match the patterns required by a rule's antecedent clauses and thus only partially trigger a rule's conclusion.
Since the objective things are complex, uncertainty and human thinking is ambiguous, the majority of multi-attribute decision-making problems are uncertain and fuzzy, so fuzziness is the major factor which should be considered in the process of decision making.
Fuzziness versus Probability as a Means of Expressing Assessment
But we can't necessarily blame the DOJ and SEC for the lack of clarity--according to Amar Sarwal, the chief legal strategist at the Association of Corporate Counsel, a lot of that FCPA fuzziness is legislative, and not something that could have been resolved in this guidance.
Chemical compounds and biological species have fuzzy boundaries, whereas realism towards natural kinds is not prima facie incompatible with their fuzziness.
Measuring light particles doesn't push them as far into the realm of quantum fuzziness as once thought, new research suggests.
All that there has been in evidence is a lot of fuzziness while people have been literally kept in the dark.
With all the Muppet favourites, including Miss Piggy, Animal, Gonzo and Fozzie Bear, fans will not leave disappointed - and the Oscar winning original song Man or Muppet will leave you with an unmistakable feel-good fuzziness.
As a result, even in 7x binoculars, the fuzziness of M5 is obvious when compared with its pinpoint stellar neighbor.
Curry questions this position, and points out that the discussion on the null hypothesis serves to highlight fuzziness surrounding the many hypotheses related to dangerous climate change.
The far-off fuzziness, wails and guitar ripples also help.
But what did bother him was the growing lack of fuzziness in the admission process.