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of or relating to futurism


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Selim Ergoz, general manager, UAE, Qatar and Pakistan, Visa: "The Connected Car exhibit in Emirates NBD's futuristic banking branch is afurther step forward that will expand the use of electronic payments in the UAE, while supporting the government's vision of transforming Dubai into a smart city.
As part of the launch, customers who visit Emirates NBD's new concept branch will experience three new futuristic zones.
Commenting on the new futuristic space, Abdulla Qassem, chief operating officer, Emirates NBD said: "The new branch concept seamlessly integrates next-generation digital technology with a human touch to offer a contemporary and enhanced banking experience that ultimately brings convenience to our customers.
The first group which set for the pretests trained later for two weeks with five hours daily on the Futuristic scenarios program, then it sets again to the two posttests.
We are trying to ignite people's perceptions and imaginations through creating a futuristic world using advanced projection technology," adds Ynyr who is Cwmni Frn Wen's artistic director.
Instead look for pieces which complement the futuristic theme without banging you over the head with the concept.
Towering over a sleepy Belgian town, the band's incredible new stage looks like a scene out of a futuristic movie.
PATIENCE was finally rewarded for connections of Futuristic Geeza, an October 06 whelp, who made a winning debut in Saturday's Photo Finish Productions Unraced Stakes at Wimbledon, writes Richard Birch.
The groundbreaking cab was made in the West Midlands after John developed the idea while working on the futuristic TV show Cold Lazarus.
NISSAN is displaying its design ingenuity at the Tokyo Motor Show with the latest development of its futuristic Pivo concept car that runs on batteries and can manoeuvre within its own space.
THE futuristic Samsung NV11 has an LCD viewscreen with smart-touch interface.
The stories are futuristic and of great interest to science fiction enthusiasts--but they also hold appeal beyond the usual genre representations and general-interest fiction readers will find them equally engaging and thought-provoking.
The ground floor foyer was transformed to film Doctor Who, with a futuristic white pod and blue flashing lights taking centre stage.