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Synonyms for futurist

a theologian who believes that the Scripture prophecies of the Apocalypse (the Book of Revelation) will be fulfilled in the future

someone who predicts the future


of or relating to futurism


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He said: "The decision this cabinet and council will be asked to take is to finalise an agreement initiated in September 2014 by the then cabinet when it agreed to make Bidder B, later identified as Flamingo Land, the preferred bidder for the then Futurist site."
The book is divided into fifteen chapters written by different Futurist scholars.
"I've always had an uncomfortable relationship with the term 'futurist' because it has lots of historical baggage," says Paul Saffo, who teaches forecasting at Stanford University's School of Engineering.
Developer Ion - then called Neptune - vowed it would remember The Futurist on the facade of the new scheme.
Nilda Perez CEO & Futurist of a Foresight Strategies Group (FSG) and member of the Association of Professional Futurist (APF) and Co-host Rachel Calderon, CMO of FSG and CEO of AARKS Digital Designs.
Boccioni was not the only artist casualty of the war --his Futurist colleague Antonio Sant'Elia, and fellow modernists Henri Gaudier-Brzeska and Franz Marc all died at the front.
These changes won't happen overnight, but we have been working behind the scenes to put The Futurist on a strong new trajectory.
As soon as Italy entered the war in May 1915, all Futurist activity stopped.
"I believe I have glimpsed a complete renovation of that mummified art," he wrote in a 1912 letter from Paris, where the churning Hellenistic swirls of the Louvre's Winged Victory of Samothrace (an early Futurist bugbear) surely lent more to his Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, 1913, than he conceded.
Before this turn toward fascism, however, the artists Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carra, Luigi Russolo, and Gino Severini aligned themselves with Marinetti, signing the separate "Manifesto of Futurist Painters" in 1910 (7).
Part II, "Essays" includes: Michaela Bohmig, "The Russian Cubo-Futurist Opera Victory over the Sun: Aleksei Kruchenykh's Alogical Creation" (109-25); Murray Frame, "Entertainment and Enlightenment in Late Imperial Russian Theatre" (126-35); Laurence Senelick, "On the Eve: The Russian Stage 1911-1914" (136-52); Robert Leach, "Victories over the Sun: The Drama of the Russian Futurists" (153-64); John E.
I have never felt comfortable predicting the future and would not consider myself a futurist. I have learned through researching for this column that futurists actually do not try to predict the future, but, in the words of Garry Golden from a talk at the Denver Public Library (http://blogs.westword.com/latestword/2012/06/garry_golden_futurist_advice.php), futurists try to "expand the notions of what could happen."
Piety and pragmatism; spiritualism in futurist art.
Christopher is a futurist. He examines the present for clues to changes that the future may bring.
Standing in contrast to the standard, masculinist Futurist line, however, is the artwork of his wife, Benedetta Cappa Marinetti (1897-1977), which delineates a strong concern for the intertwined role of women during the second phase of Futurism.