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Synonyms for futurist

a theologian who believes that the Scripture prophecies of the Apocalypse (the Book of Revelation) will be fulfilled in the future

someone who predicts the future


of or relating to futurism


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Developer Ion - then called Neptune - vowed it would remember The Futurist on the facade of the new scheme.
Nilda Perez CEO & Futurist of a Foresight Strategies Group (FSG) and member of the Association of Professional Futurist (APF) and Co-host Rachel Calderon, CMO of FSG and CEO of AARKS Digital Designs.
Boccioni was not the only artist casualty of the war --his Futurist colleague Antonio Sant'Elia, and fellow modernists Henri Gaudier-Brzeska and Franz Marc all died at the front.
Before these excommunications, however, Marinetti had attempted to join forces politically with Mussolini in 1919, offering his "Program of the Futurist Political Party" as a viable platform that would unite the concerns of the Futurists with the Fascists, who had recently attempted a synthesis between "a Leftist social policy with a Rightist concept of nation and government.
These changes won't happen overnight, but we have been working behind the scenes to put The Futurist on a strong new trajectory.
Kuhn became directly involved with Futurism around 1912, when she lived next door to the great futurist artist Giacomo Balla in Rome's Via Paisiello, and met, among other protagonists of the futurist movement, Umberto Boccioni and the leader of Futurism himself, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.
Read aloud at Futurist serate (evenings), such proclamations were inevitably met by vegetable projectiles and evoked summary brawls, bringing the group's shibboleth of arte-azione into real time and space.
Book Buzz | 'York County Libraries Hosts Futurist Garry Golden'
In conjunction with the centennial of the avant garde movement of Futurism and in collaboration with the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, this is the bilingual English-Italian catalog for an exhibition of sacred futurist art that toured Europe and the US from 2007-9.
Although graduates of these programs may have an advantage in the field, there are no formal educational requirements for becoming a futurist.
2) Both were Socialists and participated in Futurist meetings and activities.
Sunderland-based strategic consultancy Futurist is working with co-operative development agency SES to encourage and support enterprise within local communities.
The Bahrain-based company's executive principal and chief brand futurist Vahid Mehrinfar announced that he will partner Mr Brown in setting up a new specialist consultancy firm to bring global, cutting edge multi-faceted creative thinking into the region to provide partnership with Hollywood talent.
Mike Annison, an often-quoted futurist, describes areas in which physician executives will be needed in the health care systems of tomorrow.
Futurist and inventor Kurzweil writes that central to the realization of what he considers a new and improved human condition is the law of accelerating returns: Technological growth is exponential.