futures market

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a commodity exchange where futures contracts are traded

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A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets by Schwager and Etzkorn is part of Wiley Trading series, which features books by traders who have survived the market's ever changing temperament and have prospered--some by reinventing systems, others by getting back to the basics.
Further expansion of Nasdaq Dubai's futures market will include the creation of futures on regional MSCI equity indices under a licence agreement announced in October last year, as well as further more stock futures and option products.
GFH chief executive Hisham Alrayes said, "We're pleased to see GFH's shares included alongside the UAE's leading listed companies on Nasdaq Dubai's equity futures market. GFH's shares continue to be among the most actively traded on the DFM and GFH is the first non-UAE based company to be listed on Nasdaq Dubai futures market.
When Nasdaq Dubai approached us at Shuaa, to become market makers for the newly established futures market, we seized the opportunity.
A UK-based trader had earlier found himself at the centre of a legal battle for allegedly tricking the futures markets and pocketing Au30 million fortune.
The bank said, 'The bank reiterates that its interventions in the futures market have been absolutely transparent.
There are various theories about why the term structure of the crude futures market appeared to change around 2005.
However, specialized features and unique requirements of futures markets warranted promulgation of an independent and comprehensive piece of legislation laying the grounds for the Bill.
This paper investigates the impact of the opening up of the Taiwan futures market to foreign investors on the price discovery function and volatility of the local futures market.
Through the trading of the commodity either in a spot or futures market, the equilibrium commodity price aggregates dispersed information regarding global economic strength and, in turn, affects the goods producers' expectations.
The main innovation of this paper is that, under departures from the cost-of-carry theory, conditional volatility of spot prices, conditional volatility disturbed from futures market, and conditional correlation of market noises implied from spot and futures markets have significant effects on time-varying hedge ratios and hedging effectiveness.
The Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) (5) is the largest agricultural futures exchange in China and the second-largest soybean futures market in the world after the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT, a member of the CME Group).
Singapore, Oct 28, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - Singapore Exchange (SGX) is developing Asia's first electricity futures market with a targeted launch by end-2014, subject to regulatory approval.
Have Concerns over Futures Market Integrity Impacted Producer Price Risk Management Practices?
The price directional dependence is also taking place in the primary feedback process according to behavioral finance concept where upward trend is more likely to be followed by another upward movement (Schiller, "From Efficient Markets Theory to Behavioral Finance" 2003) or in some other researches like for example momentum studies (Stankeviciene, Gembickaja 2012, etc.), short term trend trading strategy in futures market based on chart pattern recognition (Masteika, Rutkauskas 2012), forecasting models (Wei, Yoshiteru, Shou-Yang 2005), development of the decisions strategy in capital and money markets (Rutkauskas, Miecinskiene, Stasytyte 2008).