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having no prospect or hope of a future

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The cracked basin thus situates Lois in another pattern, a terrain scarred with colonial and sexual violence: both Lois and the countryside confront the horror of a featureless futurelessness.
When colleges and universities have been tempted to abandon the humanities and humanists obsess about the futurelessness of the humanities, those same questions have reappeared in the very world to which colleges and universities wish to remain relevant: spurred by new developments in science and technology, the question of the meaning and limit of the "good life"--or, as Jurgen Habermas (2003) put it, the question of the "future of human nature"--is the core of an all-consuming public debate.
And with the end of her dreams of a united family comes a sense of futurelessness in this cityscape.
I have to bear witness to the ravages of heroin, crack, alcohol, of guns, of homelessness, of hopelessness, of futurelessness, of self-worthlessness .
of Illinois Press, 1990), Ronald Schleifer poignantly defines this crisis as a sense of the unintelligible materiality of language, life, and death--that is, a perception of reality as meaningless chaos and fragmentation, a pervasive feeling of futurelessness, and an apocalyptic foreboding of the end of culture in the modern age.
It is true that many, many blacks still die because of racism and that millions of others are trapped in poverty and daily experience their lives being twisted and pressed down by the weight of futurelessness.