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having no prospect or hope of a future

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bleak light dispensed by the disaster of this futureless future we
There the single--and spatially isolated--strike of the bell provides an auditory analogue to the experience of time's arrest, while the endless duration of the seas "caress" is sustained phonetically in the negation "future futureless." A series of cognate cancellations (trope not unWordsworthian!) supplies the rhyming words for the third line of each stave of the sestina that follows, pressing the enactment of annihilation even further.
He's telling me he's futureless, and eventually he'll tell me how long the infected take to starve to death." The scene is reminiscent of the opening scenes of the film.
("East Coker" I) Between midnight and dawn, when the past is all deception, The future futureless, before the morning watch When time stops and time is never ending ("Dry Salvages" I) Midwinter spring is its own season Sempiternal though sodden towards sundown, Suspended in time between pole and tropic.
In allowing corporate India to prosper by grabbing the common resources of the nation at dearth cheap rate, leading to a jobless and futureless "growth" at the cost of the poorest, increasing the GDP and India's rating with "Standard & Poor"?
This variety of essay in the collection relies heavily on quotation, communicating as much as possible of the dystopia in question in its own words, be it Cormac McCarthy's futureless future or Lisa Robertson's critique of a gentrified Vancouver.
Kafer herself is a deft authorial presence, quietly but assertively assuring her readers that the "we" of this book is disabled people engaged in remaking a world that has all too often rounded them up as a collective, futureless "them."
My horror interest in the futureless, dystopian, world-gone-wrong, Mad Max Africa of child soldiers, street gangs, reeking slums, refuse heaps, utter despair, misplaced belief, new-age cargo cults, and bungled rescue attempts--this horror interest is rooted in detachment.
Their trajectories may thus seem flat and futureless. Yet both Tousignant and Prince note how these individual trajectories acquire a sense of forward projection as students and volunteers juxtapose past, present and potential ways of moving around the city.
This continuous transcendence of distinctions causes a rupture not only in our ability to perceive time and to project our historical selves on a coherent temporal axis, but also in the capacity to adequately contextualize the moment we are in, crystallized within a futureless present.
The fear is not the presence of darkness itself, but the absence of anything to replace it--the fear of when "the mental emptiness deepenfs] / Leaving only the growing terror of nothing to think about." This portrait of modern emptiness is further developed in Dry Salvages I; here, modernity is connected with an experience of time as a living death, "between midnight and dawn, when the past is all deception" and "the future futureless." Dry Salvages I links this form of emptiness to a perspective of instrumentalization and calculation: this "futureless" future arises from experiencing "the time of chronometers, ...
Transport planners in the 60s simply could not conceive of the idea that a line, once closed, would need to be reopened - their mindset saw trains as dirty and futureless. So British Rail just sold off the land whenever it could - a policy that is costing us dearly today."
Dawe is not a generic white male; he is rather the once-proud Marine now revealed to be an uneducated and downwardly mobile leader of a group of similarly futureless men swept out of public sight and consigned to the upkeep of local graves.
And the original loan, the one masquerading as the colonizer's gift, would be repaid in emigrant sons and daughters who had been raised to believe their ancient country was futureless, its ways inferior, and the only solution was to settle abroad to make a better life.