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a verb tense that expresses actions or states in the future


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He said that 'future tense' was used just once in the budget document because the said amount was foreseen, moreover cabinet approved all those projects on which the expenditures were to be made in future.
Over the last six years, SASB has engaged in evidence-based research, market outreach, and public input, with expert-led oversight, as it attempts to build a future tense for the language of business.
The 'coot core will also receive a brand-new level called Future Tense. Developed by Vicarious Visions,
(Teddy Wayne writes Future Tense for Sunday Styles and is the author of 'Loner'.)
Strachan will speak at Future Tense's Poetry In Space--an event that will address the role of poetry and art in our scientific pursuits to explore and understand space and our place in it.
It is also interesting that the president was speaking in the future tense -- "if my country is to be partitioned".
Shabu is a killer in past, present and future tense. This habit is so enduring that to sustain this vice one has to commit crimes.
MGT also entered into a consulting agreement with Future Tense Secure Systems Inc., a technology incubator.
Influential leaders are optimistic about the future, and, though it may sound counterintuitive to some, leaders speak in the present or future tense. SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk is famous for discussing his company vision in the future tense.
Miina Norvik's research paper is devoted to a survey of the means of expression of the verb in the future tense and its interpretation in Finnic language material.
FUTURE TENSE: up to life after uni The students face
only the present left of me Perhaps our professor did not know that pain is participatory both in past \ & / future tense
Section 6 describes structural Case assignment in the future tense monotransitive constructions.
Following the colorfully illustrated story keeps interest high as young readers learn more about English verb usage, including basic definition of verbs, action and being verbs, past, present, and future tense, progressive tense, irregular verbs, main verbs, and helping verbs.
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