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The, persons assembled at the society's rooms had disagreed so seriously on the business which had brought them together as to render it necessary to take the ordinary course of adjourning the proceedings to a future day. And Chance, or Fate, had so timed that adjournment as to bring Mercy back into the dining-room exactly at the moment when Grace Roseberry insisted on being confronted with the woman who had taken her place.
Am I mad to dream of some future day when your heart may soften to me?
On the reverse of that draft, so obtained, let them write these words of the great Paymaster, to whom they shall make up their account in a future day: "When he maketh inquisition for blood, he forgetteth not the cry of the humble!"
The general, however, like Lord Chesterfield, thinking that his friends may in a future day become his enemies, always places them in the front ranks, so that their numbers may be thinned.
Reared in the hardihood of a migrating life, on the skirts of society, where they had become familiarised to the sights and dangers of the wilderness, these girls promised fairly to become, at some future day, no less distinguished than their mother for daring, and for that singular mixture of good and evil, which, in a wider sphere of action, would probably have enabled the wife of the squatter to enrol her name among the remarkable females of her time.
I had procured it while still a boy, at that droll age when the stories of duels and highwaymen begin to delight one, and when one imagines oneself nobly standing fire at some future day, in a duel.
Everything seemed dreary: the portents before the birth of Cyrus-- Jewish antiquities--oh dear!--devout epigrams--the sacred chime of favorite hymns--all alike were as flat as tunes beaten on wood: even the spring flowers and the grass had a dull shiver in them under the afternoon clouds that hid the sun fitfully; even the sustaining thoughts which had become habits seemed to have in them the weariness of long future days in which she would still live with them for her sole companions.
God prosper, in future days, the union which God's wisdom has willed!
He also gave them to understand that the cooking apparatus roasted a fine piece of sirloin of beef, weighing about six pounds avoir-dupoise, in two minutes and a quarter, as he had himself witnessed, and proved by his sense of taste; and further, that, however the effect was produced, he had distinctly seen water boil and bubble up when the single gentleman winked; from which facts he (Mr Swiveller) was led to infer that the lodger was some great conjuror or chemist, or both, whose residence under that roof could not fail at some future days to shed a great credit and distinction on the name of Brass, and add a new interest to the history of Bevis Marks.
As to your shooting and mine, we must let future days decide.
State Department official singled out LG Uplus, arguing that the telecom company should not provide its communications service in "sensitive areas" and that the firm should exclude Huawei totally at some future day.
The TTA sessions will kick off with the keynote executive panel on the 'mega topic of in-destination services' on March 6, which is ITB Future Day.
All creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who his children really are (Romans 8:19).
I suggest that you contact you accountant on the subject, so that no surprises are met at some future day and prepare your tax plan accordingly.
Clearly, this report is a watershed, one that clearly lays out the extent of the crimes against the Palestinian people perpetrated to this day by the occupation regime and the report must be included in any legal dossier come a future day when Israeli officials at every level are held to account for their propagation of genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes on civilians.
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