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a particular day in the future that is specified as the time something will happen

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Therefore, the amendment when recorded could state a future date upon which it will become effective.
He will face sentence at Teesside Crown Court at an unspecified future date, and was granted unconditional bail.
A Celebration of Joy's life will be held at a future date. Anyone wishing to honor her Memory may send contributions to the MS Society.
He will be sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court at a future date.
But Vale of Glamorgan council leaders will be told today that none of the submitted bids were regarded by council officers as satisfactory and that the site should be re-marketed at a future date.
"All tickets are valid for the future date or available for refund.
A futures contract is an agreement between a buyer and seller of an underlying asset in which the buyer agrees to buy and the seller agrees to sell that asset at a price agreed upon now for a future date. Buyers and sellers of futures contracts are also obligated to fulfil the futures contract agreement upon expiration.
When I asked him last week if he would stand for the Tory leadership at some future date, he gave me the classic 'denial that isn't'.
APPARENTLY there are plans in the pipeline for some small improvements at some future date to improve traffic congestion problems at University Hospital.
Currency derivatives ensure the value of a currency, by using a contract in which the price of the currency at a future date is agreed on.
ISTANBUL, July 19, 2011 (TUR) -- President of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF), Mehmet Ali Aydinlar, said Tuesday that the Super Cup game that was to be played between Fenerbahce and Besiktas on July 31, 2011 has been postponed to a future date.
Responding to the report, S4C said it commissioned the best ideas and programmes wherever they came from A spokesman added: "S4C has not ruled out the possibility of looking at relocating its base from Cardiff at a future date."
Owners of land in the affected areas have been banned from development, but will be allowed to appeal for the restoration of some services, upon signing an agreement that states the government has the right to withdraw them at a future date.
A future date of implementation will be advised in due course.
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