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mattress consisting of a pad of cotton batting that is used for sleeping on the floor or on a raised frame

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Sansoe, based in Oakland, Calif., said he keeps as comprehensive an inventory and styles of futon frames as possible to be a one-stop source.
The Futon Critic and the Internet Movie Database, or "IMDb" (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3477300/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast) reported that aside from Wyle, "Drawing Straws" will feature other stars including Treva Etienne (Dingaan Botha), Scarlett Byrne (Lexi) and Maxim Knight (Matt Mason).
No longer simply a futon store the company also decided that a new name was required to reflect the many different styles of furniture now available that could offer a positive impact in the lifestyle of those looking for something both different and unique.
Just make sure there's not a Bjorn convertible futon sofa within earshot.
Futons are no longer just the choice of lentil-munching, 70s hippies.
The main complaint futon customers have, Bader says, is that the beds "get thin too soon." Cotton compresses easily, so an all-cotton futon could quickly flatten.
Notches on her futon that include Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck.
Darrell got a new bed, so his futon mattress became my bed.
Smoke filled the room as the futon caught fire and was well ablaze by the time fire crews from Binley arrived.
There was a time when Mike struck fear into the hearts of his friends, when a visit from Mike meant smashed furniture, ruptured sewage lines, and the prospect of finding him passed out on your futon.
So why then did this exhibition--which included some three hundred finished diaristic drawings, a second group of ongoing calendar drawings, and the installation of futon, desk, and dining table, along with the live ,artist and her dog--strike the viewer, at least in part, as awkward and ill-advised?
The coral comforters are hitting shelves with the same price tags as regular futon sets.
Mr Spencer said that while there were still opportunities for breed story promotions, particularly for niche market products, it is now important that users, particularly in the futon and carpet sectors, are aware of the many types of British Wool consistently available to them.
Watanabe's body was discovered by a relative in a closet wrapped in a futon. The police said there were no apparent signs of a break-in or burglary and the door was open.