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Synonyms for fussy

Synonyms for fussy

Synonyms for fussy

overcrowded or cluttered with detail


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exacting especially about details

References in classic literature ?
After hearing about that Carrie, and the rest, I don't wonder he is fussy.
where all government officials steal), also that of Austria, the American republics, and indeed that of the whole world, to the fact that for this price France possesses the most inquisitorial, fussy, ferreting, scribbling, paper-blotting, fault-finding old housekeeper of a civil service on God's earth.
How would you like to be shut up for hours with a nervous, fussy old lady, who keeps you trotting, is never satisfied, and worries you till you you're ready to fly out the window or cry?
He had a dreadful match and was far too fussy all the way through.
FUSSY food critic Michael Winner sent back a bowl of ice cubes because they were the wrong size.
Enter, as if on cue, his fussy nebbish of a brother, Alan (Jon Cryer, left), primly apoplectic over the breakup of his marriage and with his son Jake (Angus T.
Fussy eating is something many parents struggle with.
Showed common sense all game and didn't get fussy by trying to curb Town's goal celebrations, which were a little elaborate
MEALS can turn into battle-grounds when you have a child who is a fussy eater.
Samad, a Bengali, on the other hand, is eternally fussy, homesick and more concerned with eschewing sin than actually managing to do so.
Fussy eater Sherrie scoffed: "I have to say broccoli and stilton gives me catarrh.
Fussy without ever being prissy, Rochefort lends Manesquier a civilized joie de vivre informed by the proper amount of desperation that results from blooming too late.
Fussy feline Dante balks at any traditional cat food and his current favourites include melon, bananas, broccoli, rhubarb, asparagus, aubergine and Brussels sprouts.
Artichokes like lots of sun but are not terribly fussy about their soil, as long as it drains fairly well.
His mum Nuala says: "I was told I was a fussy mother with a very fussy child, but I knew there was something wrong with Alan.