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Synonyms for fussy

Synonyms for fussy

Synonyms for fussy

overcrowded or cluttered with detail


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exacting especially about details

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"After hearing about that Carrie, and the rest, I don't wonder he is fussy. Why don't you tell right out, and not do it any more, if he don't want you to?" said Polly, persuasively.
(where all government officials steal), also that of Austria, the American republics, and indeed that of the whole world, to the fact that for this price France possesses the most inquisitorial, fussy, ferreting, scribbling, paper-blotting, fault-finding old housekeeper of a civil service on God's earth.
"How would you like to be shut up for hours with a nervous, fussy old lady, who keeps you trotting, is never satisfied, and worries you till you you're ready to fly out the window or cry?"
If you've ever raised a fussy baby, you know that it often takes more than singing and rocking to calm them.
And one of the most common problems vets see on a daily basis is pet owners complaining of their animals being fussy eaters.
If you've ever gone to great lengths to sooth a fussy baby, you may feel like you've tried every trick in the book.
[USA], Sep 18 (ANI): Stressed over their kids' fussy eating habits, parents indulge in non-responsive feeding practices - such as pressuring or rewarding for eating, according to a study.
Katherine fussy cut the centers of her stars to showcase the lilacs on her fabric.
The fussy period can go on for days, or even weeks.
In all, four prerelease models of the self-driving scrubber are in use in Minnesota high schools, with a fifth machine operating in Europe, according to Matt Fussy, director of product management at Nilfisk's Brooklyn Park office.
THERE is nothing more frustrating than watching a child pick at a meal you've slaved over, but kids are often fussy eaters.
ASK THE EXPERT TOP TIPS TO HELP STOP YOUR KIDS BEING FUSSY EATERS THERE is nothing more frustrating than watching a child pick at a meal you've slaved over, but kids are often fussy eaters.
But it's a fact of life that some kids are fussy eaters.
All the patches cut from the panel print must be fussy cut, centering the motifs.
A favorite part of quilting for many needlecrafters is fussy cutting--and it usually involves figuring out how to enhance an interesting quilt block by framing a favorite element in most-loved fabrics!