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Synonyms for fuss

Synonyms for fuss

busy and useless activity


needless trouble

to worry over trifles

to be nervously or uselessly active

fuss at: to scold or find fault with constantly

Synonyms for fuss

an excited state of agitation

Related Words

an angry disturbance

a rapid active commotion

worry unnecessarily or excessively

care for like a mother

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So he plunged back to work and his punishing routine and no one, no one at all was permitted to FUSS.
If I fuss, let me tell you, it's because there is something to fuss about
However, we were surprised the first time she met some young children, although they were very good with her she didn't want fuss from them and told them off (for no reason) so we are looking for a home where children (if present) are aged secondary school age and used to cats and their mischievious ways.
This is an extraordinarily important renewable energy project," said Kevin Sullivan, vice president of Fuss & O'Neill Inc.
The children came up with colourful and bright displays, including catchphrases and slogans including 'ride our bus to save the fuss.
When you've had as many birthdays as Grace Fuss, coming up with fresh party themes becomes a bit of challenge.
Trouble is, the setup was cumbersome, and I usually had to fuss over getting it set right--a little too much pressure, not enough .
50% said they would prefer it if no one made a fuss of their birthday however almost one in five (19%) have claimed they didn't want a fuss made but have been disappointed when no one did.
Volunteers from Wirral Fuss (Free Uniforms for Secondary Schools) today said such tales of hardship have reduced them to tears, with many parents already turning to food banks to get by.
Unlike children of the past who were expected to be seen and not heard, eight out of 10 youngsters don't hesitate to make a fuss when something isn't up to scratch.
What decent generous person would not fuss over a puppy.
STYLE BIBLE what's hot in the shops Casual Living - No Fuss Style for a Comfortable Home by Judith Wilson, pounds 19.
Fuss disavows any provocation, erotic or otherwise, averring that his interest in the image had to do with "the architecture of the entrance.
Fuss requested of his employer, in December 2006, that in the future his weekly working time no longer exceed the maximum average limit of 48 hours laid down in the directive.