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a nuclear reactor that uses controlled nuclear fusion to generate energy

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Alcator C-Mod is the world's only compact, high-magnetic-field fusion reactor with advanced shaping in a design called a tokamak (a transliteration of a Russian word for "toroidal chamber"), which confines the superheated plasma in a donut-shaped chamber.
The rate of fusion reactions quadruples every time the pressure is doubled - a factor that makes achieving optimum pressure key to creating a cost-effective and efficient fusion reactor.
They had designed a concept for a fusion reactor which, when scaled up to the size of a large electrical power plant, would rival costs for a new coal-fired plant with similar electrical output.
Professor Evgeny Velikhov, the "godfather" of modern fusion reactor design, has long been an advocate of the hybrid approach.
1] (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO Akira Tanae) have successfully developed a new hydrophobic[3] platinum catalyst for collecting tritium[2] at nuclear fusion reactors.
Nuclear fusion reactors may offer troops plentiful energy on demand in a safer and less expensive way, he said.
Race's core business is remote handling systems for the Joint European Torus (Jet) at Culham, the world's largest experimental tokamak nuclear fusion reactor, and research connected to its successor, the Iter fusion reactor being built in the south of France.
He says, "By one estimate, to bring about a working fusion reactor in 20 years would cost $30 billion--approximately the cost of one week of U.
Now, however, Skunk Works Advanced Development Center at Lockheed Martin has announced a radically new fusion reactor design that promises to break the jinx of that old joke.
Conventional" fusion reactions produce copious amounts of neutrons, which are quite radioactive and, if not themselves "waste" in the sense that most people might picture, cause severe radiation damage to the structures of which the fusion reactor itself is built.
Over the next few years about a million individual components of the fusion reactor will arrive at the Cadarache site from around the world and will be assembled in a nearby building that has a volume equal to 81 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
The kid brainiac built a nuclear fusion reactor at age 14, becoming the youngest person ever to do so.
3m contract for the upgrade of the JET Nuclear Fusion reactor situated at CCFE, Culham; Layton Technologies supported them to develop a cleaning specification and process to achieve UHV designated component cleanliness.
Nuclear fusion -- which does not produce waste -- is also possible, but scientists are far from developing a working fusion reactor.
The Islamic Republic announced last Wednesday that it has set aside $8 million to begin work on a nuclear fusion reactor, an engineering challenge that no country has been able to solve.