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a light flintlock musket

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Caption: The Fusil d'Infanterie Modele 1935 used a 98-type Mauser receiver and flush-mounted box magazine, (source: Bolt Action Military Rifles, Mowbray Publishing)
Two years later the world's military authorities were shocked when Paris announced the adoption of the first small bore, smokeless powder, repeating rifle--the Fusil d'Infanterie Modele 1886--better known to collectors as the "Lebel."
Hopes rose rapidly when Fusil Raffles carried the Simon Munir and Isaac Souede colours to an impressive victory, then fell just as quickly when he returned with a bad cut.
the French began a crash program of converting rifled muskets into breechloaders: the Fusil d'Infanterie Mle 1853-54, Fusil de Dragon Mle 1853.
However, Henderson revealed yesterday that Fusil Raffles is set to miss out.
Le directeur regional de la sante Abdelwaheb Harrabi a indique a Mosaique FM que l'agent de surete (Marouene Al Hajji ,25 ans) a ete touche mortellement par une balle a la poitrine vraisemblablement d'un fusil de chasse.
In 1867 it was decided to use a trapdoor type breech invented by an American, Hiram Berdan, to convert rifled muskets into breechloaders known as the Fusil Mo.
Le parquet de Stuttgart (sud-ouest) enquete sur une eventuelle livraison illegale a la Libye de plusieurs centaines de modeles du fusil d'assaut G36, celui dont l'armee allemande est equipee.
The meeting certainly did not disappoint with the tag of star performer going to Nicky Henderson's French import Fusil Raffles, who booked his ticket for the JCB Triumph Hurdle with a blistering display in what had looked a wideopen Adonis Juvenile Hurdle.
Une importante quantite d'armes et de munitions a ete, aussi, saisie durant la meme periode, dont un (1) fusil mitrailleur de calibre 14,5 mm, un (1) fusil mitrailleur de type FMPK, 59 fusils mitrailleurs Kalachnikov, un (1) lance-roquettes de type RPG7, un (1) fusil Simonov, quatre (4) pistolets automatiques, trois (3) fusils de chasse, huit (8) roquettes RPG2, deux (2) roquettes de type RPG7, 78 chargeurs, et 3.523 cartouches de differents calibres.