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a mixture of amyl alcohols and propanol and butanol formed from distillation of fermented liquors

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If the temperature surpasses this range, a distillate of concentrated fusel oil may result.
Manufacture of an environmental-safe biolubricant from fusel oil by enzymatic esterification in solvent-free system.
Statistical pattern recognition analysis (cluster analysis) of the various whiskeys has been shown to be useful in analyzing fusel oil components, contained in sour mash/bourbon, blended and scotch whiskeys (Wilson et al.
Fusel oil is called "oil" because in the process of distilling alcoholic beverages, the mixture separates as an upper oily layer on the plates of a continuous still containing 100[degrees] to 135[degrees] proof.
It was lacking in taste, however, so rectified alcohol was then either blended with whiskey aged in barrels or combined with coloring and flavoring; it is often referred to as "blended" whiskey In either case, rectified whiskey contained less of the poisonous fusel oil than did straight whiskey, and it was cheaper to produce.
However, Quady has been experimenting with the longer carbon-chain fusel oil alcohols, which Blaylock says give the port a unique background character reminiscent of true Portuguese ports.
* With respect to flavor, a mutant of wine yeast was induced and selected which produced no isoamyl alcohol, an important component of fusel oil, from sugar.
e., high in higher alcohols, or as commonly known, fusel oil. Brandies produced in other countries are both column- and pot-still.
Gevo announced that it has developed proprietary, breakthrough processes that converts either low-carbon isobutanol or low-value "fusel oils," a mixture of alcohols that are byproducts from fermentation processes such as alcohol production, into renewable diesel.
"With consumers, it's about people being aware of what rums are about and get them to think of it as a serious spirit." In presentations, she'll use Cruzan's barrel samples, types of molasses, even examples of fusel oils to show what actually goes on in the production of rum, and what the raw products and byproducts are like.
Explain the grains sink to the bottom, taking with it fusel oils and other poisons.
Topics covered include death from environmental conditions (lighting and elder abuse), homicide, death from natural causes (asthma, Marfan syndrome, and peliosis of the liver and spleen), infectious diseases, crime scene investigation and behavioral analysis, neogenesis of ethanol and fusel oils in putrefying blood, agrichemical poisoning, apoptosis, imagining techniques, veterinary forensic pathology, and fixation techniques for organs and parenchymal structures.
What ARE important are things called congeners - complex organic molecules such as polyphenols and higher alcohols including methanol, histamine, tannins or fusel oils. Some people reckon that methanol is the real baddie because it is metabolised to formaldehyde and formic acid, and it is these chemicals which cause the symptoms of a hangover.