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of something having a dusky brownish grey color


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With age, there is a general increase in the fuscous spotting on all parts of the body, but not sufficient to obscure the pale ground color.
He said universities couldn't just fuscous on teaching; research should be their important component.
Type Row width ft of row (lbs/acre) Black turtle 28 4-5 40 Cranberry 28-32 3-4 60 Kidney 28-32 3-4 60 Navy 28 4-5 40 Pinto 28 4 50 Yellow eye 28-32 4 60 Table 15-4 Field Bean Diseases and Their Controls Disease Spread Control Halo bacterial Splashing water, Copper sprays, blight insects, animals, disease-free seed, seed crop rotation, seed treatment Common and fuscous Splashing water, Disease-free seed, blight insects, animals, crop rotation, seed seed treatment Common bean mosaic Aphids Disease-free seed virus Root rots Plowing, Tolerant varieties cultivation, etc.
A second specimen is an adult male in good condition and is hereby designated the lectotype of the subspecies: the carapace is 5.6 mm long and has four fuscous longitudinal stripes-the submedians are somewhat faded with time, and the laterals are irregular and underlie large granules; the color on the tergites is also faded, with very diffuse markings on the anterior margins and faint markings medially and posteriorly; the pectinal tooth count is 25-26; the subaculear spine is vestigial, represented by a very small granule.
Specific examples of discounted per-minute charges include: Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara (10 cents); Seoul (8 cents); Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tannin, Fuscous (10 cents); Moscow, St.
Antennae dark brown; legs red testaceous; all coxae black; hind leg with upper trochanter, femora at extreme apices, apical third of tibia, and tarsi fuscous; basal ventrites of metasoma yellowish-red.
Thorax: Thoracic pleura: blackish; external efferent system fuscous. Legs: Coxae blackish; femora dark brown, tinged with dull yellow subapically; tibiae varying from blackish dark brown to black; mesotibia with narrow, yellowish annulation apically; tarsi dull yellowish dark brown.
Wings sharply bicoloured, basal half slightly flavescent-hyaline and apical half fuscous; substigmal spot of fore wing indistinct, stigma blackish with yellowish centre, costa, subcosta, basal half of venation yellow, rest of venation blackish.
25) fuscous brown, with numerous aciniform glands spigots (ac) and minor ampullate gland spigot (ma); PLS (Fig.