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Synonyms for furtive

Synonyms for furtive

so slow, deliberate, and secret as to escape observation

Synonyms for furtive

marked by quiet and caution and secrecy

secret and sly or sordid

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Monty's furtive glance inland, his half-frightened, half-cunning denial of any anticipated visit suggested that there was some one else who was interested in his existence, and some one too with whom he shared a secret.
And she was conscious of having been looked at a great deal, in rather a furtive manner, from beneath a pair of well-marked horizontal eyebrows, with a glance that seemed somehow to have caught the vibratory influence of the voice.
A wild light was in her eyes, a furtive, animal-like expression was on her face.
She shut the door behind us with something of a slam, and her black cat followed us so far, with stealthy, furtive footsteps, that we were frightened of it.
However, cheating Rob needs to be a lot more careful when making furtive phone calls.
CORONATION STREET (7.30pm ITV) MARIA is furious to find out that Fiz had spotted the furtive glances between Marcus and Todd but chose to say nothing about them.
On today's Desert Island Discs on Radio 4, she speaks about how song Una Furtiva Lagrima (A Furtive Tear) by Gaetano Donizetti helped her through the harrowing days afterwards.
As to complete this chore I went that day, Something came towards me in a furtive way, A young fox stared at me in surprise, I was in his territory he seemed to surmise.
As these silly creatures get older and more infirm, and less able to keep up their furtive grooming routines, what happens then?
On notera que le president de Nid Tounes a donne une poignee de main [beaucoup moins que] furtive [beaucoup plus grand que] a Ali Larayedh , et une autre carrement glaciale a Mehdi Jom en evitant de le regarder dans les yeux sans meme lui dire un mot, ce qui, selon les observateurs, donne une idee du climat tendu qui preside aux relations entre BCE et ses deux successeurs a la Kasbah.
The astounded passenger took a furtive photograph, posted it with an accompanying caption on Reddit, and the rest, as they say, is social media history: the photo quickly made its way through the blogosphere and garnered over one million "likes" and nearly 200,000 shares on Facebook.
The Express Tribune reports that the process of closing down furtive bases in Afghanistan has already begun but a footprint will remain even after the process is complete.
Nothing says you're on a blind date in a bar like furtive glances towards the door.
10&11 AWAYDAYS TAKE a peak at the Tatra Mountains of Slovakia where Lauren Turner's been making her first furtive attempts at learning to ski on the snow-capped slopes.
The onscreen lip-smacking, the furtive licking of spoons, the tonguing of raw vegetables and the fluttering of eyelashes - that's what she does all the time.