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Synonyms for furlough

a regularly scheduled period spent away from work or duty, often in recreation

Synonyms for furlough

a temporary leave of absence from military duty

grant a leave to

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In addition, more than a dozen states are furloughing federally funded state workers who make disability decisions for Social Security.
Washington, DC-based industry trade organisation Airlines for America said it has filed legal action to prevent the Federal Aviation Administration from furloughing air traffic controllers.
"Because we understand that furloughing our food safety inspectors would not be good for our consumers, the economy, the meat and poultry industry, or our workforce, we view such furloughs as the last option we would implement to achieve the necessary sequestration cut," Vilsack said in the two-page letter.
The meat and poultry industry is calling on Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to reconsider furloughing federal meat inspectors if mandatory budget cuts take effect March 1.
United Airlines, a US carrier, will reportedly be furloughing fewer pilots through spring than previously anticipated.