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Synonyms for furlough

a regularly scheduled period spent away from work or duty, often in recreation

Synonyms for furlough

a temporary leave of absence from military duty

grant a leave to

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According to a court order, Muntinlupa RTC Branch 205 Judge Amelia Fabros-Corpuz on March 6 granted De Lima's very urgent motion for medical furlough.
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, meanwhile, would have to furlough 95 percent of its employees immediately.
One of the complaints voiced by striking miners, according to the CEMWU, was Freeport's furlough policy, which places workers on long-term leave at short notice.
Participants were drawn from two groups: active duty military personnel who did not experience an involuntary furlough and federal civilian service employees who did experience an involuntary furlough.
The new measures appear to be collective punishment in response to Baha'i leader Fariba Kamalabadi's high-profile meeting May 13 with Faezeh Hashemi during Kamalabadi's furlough.
Former President and Pampanga congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was granted holiday furlough by the Supreme Court; will spend Christmas and New Year at her La Vista home in Quezon City.
Editors Bonn and Furlough present academic professionals, librarians, and publishers with a collection of scholarly articles and essays that examine the contemporary opportunities and issues generated in scholarly publishing by the influence of the digital environment.
District officials have updated the school calendar to include two unpaid furlough days that the district and teachers' union agreed to in the fall.
A DAY after Minister of State for Home Ram Shinde ordered a probe into Sanjay Dutt's most recent furlough, the Home department has handed over a report that there has been no violations of rules in the matter.
Running from the pressure brought by the United AFA leadership, and the demands of their employees, management has moved from their position that the only option was an involuntary furlough at the United subsidiary.
Pune, Oct 30 ( ANI ): Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, who was on a leave of furlough, returned to Pune's Yerawada Jail on Wednesday to serve his remaining jail term in connection with the 1993 Mumbai blasts.
That wasn't a furlough the 800,000 federal workers had, but it was frustrating.
JUSTICE DEPARTMENT: Fewer than 18,000 of the department's 114,486 employees would be furloughed, and if the furlough is prolonged, some of those could be brought back to work.
Last week, 700,000 Department of Defense civilian employees began taking once-a-week furlough days that will cut their pay by roughly 15%.
The systems specialist with the most experience was on furlough at the time of the incident.