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Synonyms for furious

Synonyms for furious

full of or marked by extreme anger

extreme in degree, strength, or effect

intensely violent in sustained velocity

Synonyms for furious

marked by extreme and violent energy

Related Words

marked by extreme anger

(of the elements) as if showing violent anger

References in classic literature ?
They jerked at it, stout and furious, but the color sergeant was dead, and the corpse would not relinquish its trust.
It became necessary for the trapper and his companions to become still more and more alert; and they were gradually yielding before the headlong multitude, when a furious bull darted by Middleton, so near as to brush his person, and, at the next instant, swept through the thicket with the velocity of the wind.
The most sturdy and furious of the bulls trembled at the alarming and unknown cry, and then each individual brute was seen madly pressing from that very thicket, which, the moment before, he had endeavoured to reach, with the eagerness with which the murderer seeks the sanctuary.
All at once he moved again in his chains with redoubled despair, which made the whole framework that bore him tremble, and, breaking the silence which he had obstinately preserved hitherto, he cried in a hoarse and furious voice, which resembled a bark rather than a human cry, and which was drowned in the noise of the hoots--"Drink!"
Baisemeaux turned pale, thinking that this remark was made ironically, and portended a furious burst of anger.
The king, however, furious and almost mad with rage and passion, shouted at the top of his voice, "It was M.
She turned upon him, no longer like a furious woman, but like a wounded panther.
Then shall the sword of the Cossacks sing and whistle over their heads!' cried Ermak with a furious look in his eyes."
"You are aware it will be war, civil war, furious, devouring, implacable?"
A fresh wind from the northwest sent a rough tumbling sea upon the coast, which broke upon the bar in furious surges, and extended a sheet of foam almost across the mouth of the river.
He was then within pistol shot, but so furious was the current, and tumultuous the breakers, that the boat became unmanageable, and was hurried away, the crew crying out piteously for assistance.
Father is simply furious with me, and every one about the place seems to have an idea that I am somehow to blame for what happened the other night."
The frightened cats, having alighted on the ground, first tried to fly each in a different direction, until the string by which they were tied together was tightly stretched across the bed; then, however, feeling that they were not able to get off, they began to pull to and fro, and to wheel about with hideous caterwaulings, mowing down with their string the flowers among which they were struggling, until, after a furious strife of about a quarter of an hour, the string broke and the combatants vanished.
Hollywood stars Charlize Theron and Hellen Mirren are all set to return in the upcoming 'Fast and Furious 9' film.
Universal's "Hobbs and Shaw," a spinoff of the "Fast and Furious" film franchise, opened in China this past weekend, three weeks following its domestic debut, with a gross of $102M, making it the biggest August opening ever in China, Business Insider's Travis Clark reports.