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a liquid aldehyde with a penetrating odor

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Selective oxidation of 5-hydroxymethyl furfural over non-precious metal heterogeneous catalysts.
Fase Solida Componente Porcentaje (%w/w) Celulosa 54,4 Hemicelulosa 24,8 Lignina 13,4 Humedad 7,4 Fase Liquida Componente Concentracion (mg/mL) Glucosa 0,28 Pentosas 0,63 Acido acetico 1,44 Furfural 0,002 Fuente: Los autores Figura 1.
Comparative evaluation of furfural in branded and local honey sample by uv spectroscopy, " Int J Pharm Pharm Sci Res, 2(6), 95-96(2012)
In 2015, engineers at a petrochemical refinery used conventional techniques to look for the reason behind a nearly 90% drop in the operation capacity of a furfural production unit (furfural is a solvent used in the manufacture of many industrial products).
The major aroma-active compounds in milks were hydrogen sulfide, dimethyl sulfide, 2-butanone and furfural in DSI-UP-treated milks; diacetyl, 3-methyl butanal, dimethyl disulfide, methional and benzaldehyde in IND-UP-treated milks; and carbon disulfide, 1-octen-3-one and 1-octen-3-ol in HTST-treated milks, respectively.
stipitis and Candida shehatae, the yeast species capable of naturally fermenting xylose, are susceptible to inhibitors such as acetic acid, furfural and soluble aromatics in hydrolysates, which do not ferment successfully in detoxified hydrolysate (Delgenes, Moletta, & Navarro 1996; Limtong et al.
For the current study, researchers examined fumes released by e-cigarette liquids with different concentrations of three types of sugars, testing the vapor for levels of two toxins known as furans: 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and furfural (FA), which have been linked to an increased risk of respiratory tract damage in humans and tumors in mice.
The patented process delignifies the lignocellulosic biomass by dissolving lignin in organic solvent and converts most of the hemicellulose to biochemicals (such as furfural, butyl acetate, etc.
Optimization of furfural and 5- hydroxymethylfurfural production from wheat straw by a microwave-assisted process.
The effect of catalyst loading on pyrolysis behavior for furfural and acetic acid production was studied.
Sources familiar with Exxon's plans said the lube plant, which includes two furfural units, one with a capacity of 10,000 bpd, a 4,200 bpd ketone dewaxing unit and a 4,000 bpd hydrofinisher, will permanently shut down in April.
Novolac resin has been synthesized by the condensation of cardanol with furfural in the presence of an oxalic acid catalyst and using varied molar proportions of the reacting monomers.