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a forked bone formed by the fusion of the clavicles of most birds

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8) consists of a light olive-green background with black pigment on the eye patches, dark blue around the bases of the antennae, and on the dorsum of the head as a V-shaped spot; the antennae are whitish and only with scattered pigment; Th II to Abd V dark pigmented dorsally with white scattered spots; some areas are lighter: dorsolateral on Th II, lateral on Abd III-IV; legs and furcula whitish.
The wishbone of a turkey, also called a furcula 6 Latin for 'little fork' 6 is found in many other birds.
It's the first intact furcula found in a Trex--key evidence linking the evolution of birds to carnivorous dinosaurs.
63) Both clavicles are fused medially to form the furcula or "wishbone.
A complete right tibiotarsus, a right coracoid and a fragmentary furcula in the LACM collection were identified as this species by Loye Miller.