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  • verb

Synonyms for furbish

to give a gleaming luster to, usually through friction

Synonyms for furbish

polish and make shiny

References in classic literature ?
I also furbished up one of the great cutlasses that I had out of the ship, and made me a belt to hang it on also; so that I was now a most formidable fellow to look at when I went abroad, if you add to the former description of myself the particular of two pistols, and a broadsword hanging at my side in a belt, but without a scabbard.
The newly furbished, specially designed customer service centre also launched their customer relationship management system which enables customers to talk to a member of staff who can then direct calls or action requests more efficiently through one computerised system.
A haven of tranquillity, prayer, worship, hospitality, healing, education friendship are all to be found there in its newly furbished premises.
The sensor also has the ability to automatically compensate for differences in the object's color and surface, the ability to track the smallest pits, surface textures and sharp increases in object height, and the capability to measure both on frosted and furbished surfaces, according to the company.
Additionally, the plans propose grate fabrication and installation, removal of existing Tideflex valve, installation of a new owner furbished flap gate, and structural modifications to existing drainage structure ramps to be made of articulated concrete block revetment at discrete sites through the neighborhood
The Belfast drivers raised pounds 80,000 through ballots and social events to build two fully furbished bungalows in Capetown.