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  • verb

Synonyms for furbish

to give a gleaming luster to, usually through friction

Synonyms for furbish

polish and make shiny

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Current and Furbish sells home furnishings, gifts, housewares, handcrafted goods, art and refurbished furniture.
Yeast bread is hard area for a lot of people,' Furbish points out.
Additionally it will furbish 12 restaurants ranging from casual-chic to fine dining and an observation deck with a panoramic view in all directions.
They were--wait for it--outraged that unworthy humanity seeks to extend its life span without asking the permission of water, trees, furbish louseworts, and a representative council of mammals from mice to moose.
volumes state, That the plant's a Furbish lousewort.
The FURBY creature also communicates through silly phrases, first spoken only in its "native" language, FURBISH.
The toy will speak to you in its very own language - Furbish - but can also learn to communicate in English.
Rich Feller, Counseling and Career Development, Colorado State University; Dale Furbish, School of Education, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand.
She leaves her husband, Randall Pichierri; two sons, Jeffrey Hoyle of Worcester and David Furbish of Barre; two daughters, Kelsey Furbish and Adrianna Pichierri, both of Barre; her mother, Margaret Premo of Worcester; and two sisters, Arlene McGoldrick of Paxton and Judith Regan of Auburn.
Charles was accompanied by Camilla Parker-Bowles at last night's Royal Gala fundraising event which raised money tore furbish the backstage area.
Callahan of Northboro; four grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; six sisters, Paula Fiske and Janet Annis of Northboro, Phyllis Letendre and Clara Furbish of Marlboro, Marilyn Banks of Westboro and Betty Putnam of Grafton; four brothers, Samuel Sinclair of Northboro, Ronny Sinclair of Millbury, Horace Sinclair Jr.
The friendly clam is more advanced than Furby and can speak more than 800 words and phrases in a mixture of English, Furbish and Shelbish.
UNITED NATIONS PLAZA, New York City -- 'World's Greatest Linguist' Teaches Young Delegates How to Speak Mythical Furbish Language
This American site also has a dictionary of Furbish - the Furbyies'' language - so you can understand what your new friend is saying, plus tips, a chat room where you can meet other Furby owners and a chance to e-mail your Furby stories.
But inside, a computer chip with six sensors enables the toy to speak its own language, Furbish - a mishmash of sounds based on Thai, Mandarin Chinese and Hebrew - and interact with your child.