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a strip of pleated material used as a decoration or a trim

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Honest John shouts what the other caricatures imply: that frills and furbelows are only donned to attract men.
The other end grows into a series of frills or flounces, or, as used to describe features of ladies' dresses in Victorian Britain, furbelows.
During the raid, Bond finds himself immersed in a frenzy of bloodshed, accompanied by both black and white men who "cracked open heads and dipped their ribbons and rigs and furbelows in blood and plastered more blood on the gun-stocks to stick cowrie shells in to keep tally on your killing" (164).
The Old Sturbridge Village dancers will present a Washington Birthday Ball on Sunday, while beforehand OSV historians will discuss 19th-century hairdressing techniques (including bear grease and sausage curls) in "Her Crowning Glory"; etiquette for the ball in "Please Take Hands"; and 1830s must-have accessories in "Frills and Furbelows.
The writing style is of professional historian standard and very straightforward with none of the mannered frills and furbelows that so often distract in what nowadays passes as "history" and seem to be more about the author than about his subject; here facts are stated and the reader left free to form his own opinion.
The country's behind John because it realises the utter triteness of the ballroom dancing world with its high camp frocks, furbelows and orange complexions.
The Little Black Dress was born out of the world between the wars, when women no longer had the time (or the servants) to deal with frills and furbelows.
Anyhow, offer declined - we have different sartorial tastes, and frills, furbelows and feathers don't suit me.
The Martins chose interior designer Mary Ann Petro to select the furnishings and furbelows of the interiors of the upstairs living quarters.
However, Baudelaire's reference to the mixture of "antique ideal" and the "frills and furbelows of modern art" in Ingres' Raphael et la Fornarina, and the treatment of models as "human documents" in the 1880's suggest the potential for an analysis in terms of the esthetic history of the model.
They've managed to keep the purveyors of Styrofoam kitsch and stucco furbelows away, opting for a genuine "Old Florida" domestic architecture that looks lived in and loved.
Reynolds, Romney and co all knew a visual come-on for their portraits and added further allure with frills, bows, ribbons and furbelows.
Heavily bombed during the War because of its strategic importance as a center for chemical production, the city was largely rebuilt in the forties and fifties, in an insistently functional style that more or less repeated the drabness of the pre-war city, eliminating only those occasional furbelows, an ornate balcony here, a carved door frame or stained-glass window there, that would have distinguished the establishments of its more affluent citizens.
But apart from their upper-crust frills, furbelows and pretensions, Anna and Claire are really cut from the same cloth as Mamet's more customary bottom-feeders and scheming hucksters: Though Anna eventually consents to help Claire pursue her new love interest, she insists on manipulating the seduction as well as being a voyeur.
Angela Hewitt, an almost ever-present protagonist, was the elegant soloist, delivering with precision a piano line garnished with frills and furbelows which lie so well under the hands.