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Synonyms for fur

Synonyms for fur

the skin of an animal

Synonyms for fur

dense coat of fine silky hairs on mammals (e

a garment made of the dressed hairy coat of a mammal

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Because weasels are fur-bearing animals, check with your state Fish and Wildlife Department regulations before trapping with a trap that kills weasels.
In Canada, almost all fur-bearing animals are trapped humanely using Conibear traps that kill instantly.
Petitions are being circulated for two same-sex marriage initiatives, three initiatives related to legalizing marijuana and initiatives to ban state funding for abortions, to allow utilities to count hydropower toward meeting the state's renewable energy standard, to make trapping fur-bearing animals illegal and to provide greater legal protection for people who use force to protect their homes or businesses.
The first monkey to contract the infection was in the farm in Guangxi; however, the source of the infection is unknown because there were no dogs or other fur-bearing animals at the farm.
(Actually, in those days we'd briefly thought about getting a communal cat; when we found that fur-bearing animals were banned we considered the possibility of adopting a child for a full three minutes).
For the wildlife enthusiast and nature buff, the game preserve is a utopia surrounded by boreal forests, large granite outcroppings and an abundance of indigenous wildlife species like moose, bear, muskrat, lynx, timber wolf and other fur-bearing animals.
That move comes in response to the 1996 ballot initiative that banned shooting wolves and other fur-bearing animals the same day they are sighted from a plane.
At the end of the 1619 text Middleton adds ten lines of verse (lines 442-51) that enumerate the various fur-bearing animals that Skinners may use.