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of animals having fur (especially of commercial quality)

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In Canada, almost all fur-bearing animals are trapped humanely using Conibear traps that kill instantly.
Petitions are being circulated for two same-sex marriage initiatives, three initiatives related to legalizing marijuana and initiatives to ban state funding for abortions, to allow utilities to count hydropower toward meeting the state's renewable energy standard, to make trapping fur-bearing animals illegal and to provide greater legal protection for people who use force to protect their homes or businesses.
Fur-bearing seasons for varmints are far more liberal, some lasting for months.
These two victories cemented British alliances with their native allies in the interior, and assured access to the fur-bearing northwest.
Preliminary studies on parasities of upland game birds and fur-bearing mammals in Illinois.
This is what happened to the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals (also known as Fur-Bearer Defenders) in 1999 when their charitable status was revoked due to their advocacy work to change legislation.
Alberta's black bear management program started in 1927 when they were given legal protection, followed by a fur-bearing animal classification in 1928 and a big game classification in 1929.
If you can't bear to give up your fur-bearing friend, try these strategies to minimize your allergies: Keep your pet out of your bedroom, where you spend the most time.
(Actually, in those days we'd briefly thought about getting a communal cat; when we found that fur-bearing animals were banned we considered the possibility of adopting a child for a full three minutes).
Brush-tailed possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) from Tasmania were introduced into New Zealand to establish a new species of fur-bearing animals.
Is Keith Cochrane's impulse to slay fur-bearing mammals flaring up again?
I like David Kendall's comment that Ray might just as well have said that he had found insufficient evidence "from which a jury might infer beyond a reasonable doubt that the Clintons had pilfered Powerball tickets, trapped fur-bearing mammals out of season, or sold nuclear secrets to Liechtenstein."
For the wildlife enthusiast and nature buff, the game preserve is a utopia surrounded by boreal forests, large granite outcroppings and an abundance of indigenous wildlife species like moose, bear, muskrat, lynx, timber wolf and other fur-bearing animals.
In addition to the hydrographic and oceanographic work, the expedition members carried out fisheries investigations for the Fisheries Research Board, collected birds and mammals for the National Museum and ectoparasites for the Department of Agriculture, gathered information on game and fur-bearing mammals, and made astronomical fixes for the Geodetic Survey.
In Crater Lake, where the water is too cold to freeze, the most predominant fish is said to be fur-bearing trout.