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an account of an amusing incident (usually with a punch line)

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The striking red cover advertises a warm funny story (with animals
My first choice is a funny story called Superworm, about a brilliant worm who helps other creatures until he is kidnapped by the evil Wizard Lizard and his friends have to hatch a plan to rescue him.
Those who attend the free workshops, which will be held until Saturday, should bring along a funny story that is original, or their own joke or just talk about three subjects that they find funny.
It's a poignant, funny story that any general collection will find inviting
A funny story about switch skating at the time: One of the rules in publishing is that you don't shut down the presses at the printer, for any reason, ever.
Club members enjoyed the quiz and David finished with another true, but funny story.
If you need a funny story to cheer you up, then check out the Humor section for amusing moments to share with students or colleagues.
Jack told a funny story about covering Alabama Governor George Wallace, who was outraged by Jack's reporting.
00 p&p Worldwide Everyone who knew Sir Bobby has a fond memory and a funny story.
HAVE A FUNNY STORY about lighting icon George Kovacs, who passed away at the end of June at age 80?
GROUP'S REACTION: "Charming and funny story of family relationship dynamics .
This is basically a funny story, in a screwball comedy kind of way.
The young thespians said they loved the funny story of Charlie Bucket, played by 11-year-old Kevin Avalos, who travels to the wonderous chocolate factory with four naughty children.
A funny story of a matchmaking hound and the woman who grows to love him.
It's not, as you may think, a martial arts movie, but instead a gloriously warm and funny story about being transgender.