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an account of an amusing incident (usually with a punch line)

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What's appealing about Biggins is that he'll made the odd funny remark but it's never full-on bitching.
I heard the harrowing story of the pregnant woman imprisoned for making a funny remark about Saddam's wife.
It's not just the funny remark about the last sporting controversy.
Halfway through the concert, he made a few funny remarks, which made me laugh out loud.
The biggest personality of all belonged to a Greek-American, Alex Karras, All-Pro tackle of the Detroit Lions, whose funny remarks in the middle of mayhem stirred opponents and teammates to complain that they were laughing too hard to function.
For instance while someone is singing, you can flash funny remarks onto the screen and get everyone bursting into laughter.
PC Tayler said he had heard no funny remarks about the threewheeler and said it was something of an ice-breaker during school visits.
Andrew, 34, loved telling funny stories and wisecracking but then found he could no longer remember his favourite jokes or find the words for funny remarks.
Another Yadav, Lalu Prasad, the chief of Bihar's Rashtriya Janata Dal, known for making funny remarks and his buffoonery, raised many an eyebrow recently when he sided with those accused of cheating in examinations.
They have also given duet performances, and the comfort level between the two is very visible through their exchange of constant smiles and funny remarks.
Dubai, June 6 ( ANI ): Schoolteachers in Saudi Arabia have taken to social networking sites and smart phone features to post funny remarks made by students on their exam papers.
Therefore, it is not his fault if he is well-known for his secondary role - making funny remarks on regular basis during the events that he takes part in.
It is fun both to read the story and to explore the pictures which are full of lively characters and funny remarks.
Funny remarks may be taken out of context today, keep your cool, close ones are on your side, you know.