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in a strange manner

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Funnily enough when she wore that get up she practically tore around the catwalk so perhaps she was conscious of it.
Kim is a big supporter but funnily enough never called for their games to be screened during the Sir Alex glory years.
Funnily enough, another Best - the one and only George - was also a quality swordsman.
That's quite high for a small unit like ours, but funnily enough it's the same number that we had on Christmas Day.
Funnily enough, he wasn't among those who contributed to Sir Alex Ferguson: Secrets of Success (BBC1, Sunday).
Funnily enough, the only person who didn't look in a partying mood was Papa Attieh.
It introduced us to the characters they've both created and play who are, funnily enough, called Sharon and Rob.
Funnily enough, I had contemplated quoting Eliot in a recent column headlined: "Fast Walking to Library Oblivion" about the threat to libraries as a result of cost cutting.
ITV, 9pm We're a nation of animal lovers, us Brits, which makes us not too dissimilar, funnily enough, to Bafta Award-winning Tom Hardy.
SIR - Welsh Finance Minister Jane Hutt says we should spend our way out of recession, on the very same day Ed Miliband says that if he were Prime Minister he wouldn't reverse any of the cuts, he wouldn't scrap the bedroom tax, and he wouldn't borrow more, although funnily enough he's happy to borrow the PS100m to spend on Trident.
I find that, funnily enough, walking is a terribly important thing for me, rather like some people need a cigarette.
He said: "He was a very sick horse in Australia, but funnily enough travelled back well.
The model, who already stars with her sister Billie and boyfriend Joey Essex in the ITV reality show, said: "I really wanted my nan to be in the Marbella special because she lives in Marbella, but funnily enough my nan was in England while I was out there, so we crossed over.
Funnily enough, the warning letter did get through.
Funnily enough some boffs in America have put some thought into how much it would actually cost to send your child to Hogwarts for the year, if said school really existed.