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the stalk of a plant ovule or seed


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The lesion is locally observed on the left posterior funiculus.
However, a small percentage (<4.2% of the total cross-sectional area; <7.9% of the ventrolateral funiculus area) of spared tissue was found near the RtST tracts in the ventrolateral funiculi at the T7 lesion of some animals (n = 4 dSTAG; n =1 cSTAG; Figure 3(b)).
The projection seen at the base of the funiculus was considered as an obturator.
Comparative ultrastructure of the bryozoan funiculus: a blood vessel homologue.
In the present study we first compared the astrogliosis and macrophage/microglial cells responses 7 days after either immunological demyelination or a stab injury to the dorsal funiculus. Secondly, we compared the astrogliosis response following a stab or hemisection injury to the spinal cord dorsal funiculus within regions of immunological demyelination.
The ovule of this species has fusioned funiculus that gives rise to the edible part of the fruit (Flores & Engleman, 1976).
Another experimental study suggests that kyphotic angle leads to flattening of the cord over the deformity thereby causing demyelination of anterior funiculus, neuronal loss and atrophy of anterior horn and decreased vascularity at the ventral side of compressed spinal cord [12].
A system of rat spinal cord lamina 1 cells projecting through the contralateral dorsolateral funiculus. J Comp Neurol.
On its way, the pollen tube penetrates the stigmatic surface, is then guided through the stigma and style and placenta, grows onto the funiculus, and finally enters the micropyle of the ovule for double fertilization (Figures 1 and 3A).
5, Table 1); stalks glossy yellowish brown, broad apical parts blackish; funiculus uniformly brown; IVB very small, about 0.45x the diameter of the eye stalk, base of IVB hardly elevated (Fig.
Funiculus 0.51 mm in length, with eleven segments, segments gradually enlarge, not forming distinct club, dark yellow in color; covered in dense short, fine appressed hairs.
The spinal cord up to C1 showed marked Wallerian degeneration of the peripheral white matter from the median fissure, which extended along the ventral funiculus up to the most dorsal section of the lateral funiculus.