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Synonyms for funiculus

the stalk of a plant ovule or seed


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Dorsal funiculus refers to the uppermost part of the spinal cord.
The ovule is surrounded by an axil, which is an outgrowth of the funiculus as in angiosperm genera such as Celastrus.
In shape, seeds are oblong to ovoid and are narrower at the micropylar end where the funiculus was terminally attached.
The number and type of sensilla found on the funiculus and potential sexual dimorphism in these structures have not been determined.
Green fluorescent protein (GFP)-OECs, or OECs prepared from GFP transgenic rats, were transplanted into a chemically induced demyelinating lesion in the rat dorsal funiculus (Figure 2).
In the transverse sections, the only gross lesion observed was a thin, white discolored area in the left dorsal funiculus in the cranial cervical spinal cord segments.
According to Tamamshjan (1951), neither the pericarp nor the testa is involved in "ruminatio vera," whereas the funiculus or various parts of the carpel take part in his other main types, "ruminatio funiculata" and "ruminatio spuria," respectively.