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inflammation of a funiculus (especially an inflammation of the spermatic cord)

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Histopathologic examination showed disseminated chorioamnionitis and associated funiculitis with large numbers of nonflagellated parasites.
Two placentas showed massive retroplacental hematomas; seven showed extensive infarction; and four exhibited large dilated vascular cavitations, severe vasculitis, chorioamnionitis, and funiculitis. Cord insertion was marginal in eight, paracentral in three, and velamentous in two.
Pseudosarcomatous myofibroblastic proliferations of the spermatic cord ("proliferative funiculitis"): histologic and immunohistochemical analysis of a distinctive entity.
Alderman does not mention a condition that can be mistaken for a complication of vasectomy, funiculitis, an infection caused by refluc of infected urine into the vas.
Other detected inflammatory pathology include scrotal filariasis 4 cases, acute orchitis 04 cases (11.1%), chronic epididymitis, 3 cases (8.3%), scrotal wall inflammation 02 cases (04%), acute epididymitis 03 cases (8.3%), Fournier's gangrene 05 (10%) and funiculitis are noted in 02 cases each (04%).
Acute presentation of genital filariasis is rarely seen and includes acute funiculitis, orchitis and epididymitis (2).
Chronic disease in endemic communities can manifest in men in the form of genital damage, especially hydrocele, funiculitis, epididymitis and elephantiasis of the penis and scrotum.
Differential diagnosis of funiculitis, incarcerated hernia and the infected encysted hydrocele of the cord was made.