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Synonyms for funicle

the stalk of a plant ovule or seed


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Fruit mostly a pair of follicles with dry pericarp (fruit a capsule in Craspidospermum and a fleshy berry in Melodinus); endocarp not forming a stone; seeds usually numerous, smooth, flat, and winged, often peltately attached with long funicle (somewhat verrucose, only slightly compressed, and embedded in pulpy placenta in Melodinus).
Head and body light brown to yellow; lateral margins of scape, pedicel, funicle, inferior margin of clypeus, mandible, oral fossa laterally, interantennal projection with a triangular spot dark brown; setae of body brown; metasoma brown.
20a.-- Antennal club length equal to funicle; parameres simply convex or toothed dorsally 20b 20a'.-- Antennal club longer than funicle; parameres with 1 curved projection medially along dorsal margin.
The chalaza is the region of the ovule where the nucellus, integuments, and funicle merge, and therefore usually encompasses a vascular bundle.
Furthermore, 69% of females had a telescoped funicle. Morphologically, the traits were nonspecific for any of the studied geographic areas.