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resembling fungi


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Mirafiori lettuce big vein virus, which makes its way to lettuce roots via a soil-dwelling, funguslike microbe.
The funguslike microbe that has swiftly killed coast live oaks and other trees in northern California and Oregon has by passed containment measures and turned up in nurseries to the south, officials announced earlier this month.
This funguslike organism is what causes late blight, one of the world's worst potato diseases.
It has been more than 150 years since the Irish potato famine, when the funguslike disease called blight annihilated the staple food for millions of people.
This funguslike organism causes late blight, a worldwide threat that costs the U.S.
Caused by the funguslike microbe Phytophthora ramorum (SN: 8/ 5/00, p.
Perhaps as a result, a funguslike pathogen, Saprolegnia ferax, was able to rip through and kill many clutches of exposed eggs.
Two more nemesis of corn borer, the funguslike microsporidium Nosema pyrausta and a tiny wasp called Macrocentrus grandii are being researched by Lewis and Iowa State entomologist David Orr.
Common in soil and fresh water, the funguslike microbes typically break down debris or attack live plants and insects.